Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on Aug. 26, 2016

The Crews: SN9PER Crew (Cameroun) - BOTY Finals 2016

Get to know Sn9per Crew from Cameroun, one of the crews participating at Battle of the Year Finals

Bboy Tour: San Sebastian & Amsterdam

Let's visit some of the best spots in San Sebastian and Amsterdam in the best possible way: dancing!

Music to Break To: Mixtape 91 (DJ Titanium & DJ Madlife)

Posted by on Aug. 23, 2016

Listen to this masterpiece mixtape by Tunisian DJ Titanium as he collaborates with DJ Madlife for the second volume of their "Bboy Breaks" series. Come back each week for a mix curated by

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Watch The History of Breaking: 5x5 Series Episode Two

Posted by on Aug. 19, 2016

It all started in the Bronx in the 70’s and 40 years later, Hip Hop became a worldwide movement. Many people know breaking because of competitions like Red Bull BC One and Battle of the Year. We discuss the importance of knowing the History with some of the best B-Boys of the world, including Hong 10MounirFroz and Kacyo, and the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations.

5x5 Series Upcoming Releases:

Episode 1: The Music (Aug. 5)
Episode 2: The History (Aug. 19)
Episode 3: The Art (Sept. 2)
Episode 4: The Body Work (Sept. 16)
Episode 5: The Fashion (Sept. 30)

B-Boy Life on the Road: Nabil - Freeminds

Posted by on Aug. 17, 2016

Throughout his long career, B-Boy Nabil from the French Freeminds crew has been no stranger to travel, but ever since he moved from France to Dubai in 2014, his life on the road intensified. We caught Nabil for some quick “Life on the Road” insights just before getting on the plane to his next travel destination to the Red Bull BC One Cypher in Bahrain. 

What is your next B-Boy related destination?
My next B-Boy related travel destination is the Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher on the 19th of August, after that I will be judging in September at Battle Bad in Paris.

Will it be your First time in Bahrain?
No, it will be my fourth time in Bahrain. I had some dance gigs in Bahrain before and last year, I was in Bahrain to judge the 2015 Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher.

What is your residence?
I currently live and work as a freelance dancer in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

What is your favorite airport and why?
Definitely DXB - Dubai International Airport. It’s my favorite airport because it's comfortable and the food is Hallal.


Window or aisle seat?
I prefer the window seat.

Travel essentials. You can’t leave your house without…
My underwear, socks, pair of jeans, T-shirts, gym shoes, tooth brush, tooth paste, phone charger, and very important my dancing clothes.

Travel companions. Which B-Boys you like to travel with?
I like to travel with my Freemindz crewmembers; Keys, Tim, Yaman and Carl because we share the same spirit and energy. When you understand each other it makes traveling easier.

What travel advice would you have for other dancers?
To make your travel easy, pack a day before and most important be early at the airport.

You will be traveling to the Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher. What do you expect from the event?
I'm visiting Bahrain for the fourth time, and for me the Bahrain B-Boys are amongst the strongest in the Middle East scene. I live in Dubai so I have the opportunity to meet the Bahrain dancers during the events happening here in Dubai. For this year’s Red Bull BC One Cypher Bahrain, I expect the B-Boys to be better than in 2015. Last year, the local scene already had a good level. And I also expect to have a great time like every year. It’s all about meeting nice Bahraini people and enjoying the growing level of some good local B-Boys. 

Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher 2016 will be held next Friday, August 19

Photos by Ali Haji and James Bringas / Red Bull Content Pool