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#TBT Breaking Battles: Miniboj, Daniel Zhu and Little Shao’s favourite 2016 B-Boy Battles

Posted by on Jan. 04, 2017

TBT Breaking Battles: Miniboj, Daniel Zhu and Little Shao’s favourite 2016 B-Boy Battles.

What’s the best B-Boy Battle of 2016? That’s super hard to tell. Every B-Boy or B-Girl has his or her favorite moments. Let’s ask three guys who spent hours and hours capturing some of the greatest 2016 battle moments through the eyes of their camera lenses.

Check out the favourite 2016 B-Boy Battles from filmmakers Miniboj of the Legits Studios Slovakia, Daniel Zhu from Stance USA and French photographer Little Shao from Paris.


Red Bull BC One All Stars vs Foundnation at UK B-Boy Championships 2016
I really love this battle. I was there at the event and I had the chance to see with my own eyes that the Red Bull BC One All Stars are not a dream team.  It's a crew! I love the fact that they worked as a team and were strong as a strong team. I was really surprised.  

Lussy Sky vs Pac Pac at Battle Bad 2016
My second pick is a battle that I didn't film personally but you can feel B-Boy PacPac’s vibe even through Youtube. I love his first round. I can watch this over and over.


Remind at Reign Supreme 2016 x Bumbershoot
My favourite battle was the Open Styles Seven To Smoke from Reign Supreme Seattle featuring B-Boy Remind. This was his first ever Open Styles event, and wow, he took it by storm! He is 39 years old, a B-Boy, but influenced by so many other styles. Remind really displayed all of his "style elements." I remember Remind telling me, "Foundation is Freedom.  Because when you are free, you become you." That definitely was displayed in his performance.


If I have to choose a whole event as the best "contest" then for me it was the Red Bull BC One World Final with the Last Chance Cypher in Nagoya Japan. The Last Chance Cypher was soooo dope because all B-Boys were hungry to get that last spot in the World Final! There were so many different styles and there was so much energy plus a crazy enthusiastic vibe from the Japanese audience. And to end it the Red Bull BC One World Final was the best world final ever in my view. So much level from each participating B-Boy. It was an amazing event.

Photo by Louni

Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on May. 06, 2016


Watch T-Rock do his amazing footwork

Breakin' in the Streets w/ Bboy Wing & Jinjo Crew | 360° Experience

Enjoy this total experience with B-Boy Wing and Jinjo Crew

UK B-Boy Championship 2016 | 20th Anniversary | RECAP | FSTV

Re-live all the action from the UK B-Boy Champs

Photo by Louni

Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on Apr. 22, 2016

Radikal Forze Jam 2016 | Recap | RPProductions

Re-live the Radikal Forze Jam 2016 held in Singapore last March with this amazing video by RPProductions

UK B-Boy Championships 2016 - World Finals Recap

Feel all the energy from Red Bull BC One All Stars with this UK Champs World Finals recap


Photo by Radikal Forze Crew

World Final Focus: Taisuke

Posted by on Apr. 22, 2016

The second announcement for wild card slot at Red Bull BC One World Final 2016 has just gone to Japan's all time finest, Taisuke.

Taisuke has reached 2nd place twice at Red Bull BC One World Final (2008 and 2014), among his past six times appearaning on this world premium stage.

This year's World Final will come back to Japan after a six year journey around the world since 2010, where Taisuke was lost in the first round against Pluto. Will this be Taisuke's year to shine?

Looking back at past Red Bull BC Ones, what do you feel now for this year's World Final?
I feel kind of guilty that I have not ever won 1st place at the Red Bull BC One, despite having appeared six times until now.

It is also a fact that I am the only Japanese B-Boy who has passed through the top-8 ever, although every year every B-Boy has been battling at this stage. That encourages me to feel "I have to win THIS YEAR" to give a chance for the next generation upcoming. That is my mission for now. This time I will train consistently and prepare as much as I can.

Plus this year I made a big decision, which is to quit all classes I am teaching and try to focus more on creating a "PRO" definition by myself. This year's Red Bull BC One will definitely be a turning point to me. I will work hard on that.


You won UK B-BOY Championships a few weeks ago with Red Bull BC One All Stars, and took 2nd place at the solo battle. What do you feel now looking back and what comes next with Red Bull BC One All Stars?
I kind of feel relieved.

Red Bull BC One All Stars is not a just collected crew, but we think it is a real crew, and we showed that to the world. That feeling and passion were quite strong this time, and we trained together rather hard. Before the battle we were screaming and shouting "We can't lose!" Haha.

For the solo battle, I was not gonna enter this time at all actually. We were focusing more on the crew battle. Then RoxRite came, saying "can you record my battle?" I said "yes, of course," entered into the venue, and then entered the battle following the flow. Haha.


Even though I was not very conscious about winning at all, I tried to test some themes, not using powermoves at the prelim, for example. That attempt ended up with the result. I learned much more than the result of 2nd place. Two-day events are very difficult, everyone! Haha.

Red Bull BC One All Stars have been active individually until now but we are trying to appear more as a CREW this year. It will not be only battles but other activities that gives "wings" to the next generation such as workshops, tours and camps.

Red Bull BC One World Final will come back to Japan this year. Also, one of the City Cyphers will be held in your hometown, Sasebo (August 27th). What do you feel about your home and the next generation?
I didn't expect that the Cypher would happen in my hometown ever. I was kind of very surprised. Yes Sasebo is my hometown where I grew up until I was 17, but its environment for dancers is still not enough. They say it even got worse since I left the town eight years ago. I will do anything to the community until the Cypher will happen, creating space for practice etc. I expect local B-Boys/B-Girls and dancers would become more motivated by being inspired by the Sasebo Cypher.


I also expect general people in Sasebo would feel something by watching this world-class event live. I would like people to understand what I have been doing, what I try to achieve now, possibility of dance, etc.

Oh the other hand, people outside Sasebo would see where I grew up and what kind of environment created me. Of course please go out site seeing. 99 Islands is especially my home local, I recommend everyone to visit there.

Any message for the community and society?
My personal mission is to create a definition of what a "PRO" dancer or "PRO" B-Boy is about. That also means allowing kids to state pro B-Boy as their dream in the future. And I am trying to create the fact that you can live as a PRO B-Boy.

Thank you everybody for the support, and see you all at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Japan!

Photos by Sebas Romero, Jazpar Yeo and Nika Kramer / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull BC One All Stars Win UK Champs

Posted by on Apr. 11, 2016

The Red Bull BC One All Stars have won the B-Boy crew battle at the UK B-Boy Championships. Over the weekend Hip Hop dancers from all over the world gathered in London to celebrate the 20th edition of one Europe's most celebrated Hip Hop dance competitions.

About one month before the event word got out that the Red Bull BC One All Stars were going to compete at this year's memorable edition of the UK Champs. Most of the Red Bull BC One all Stars have established their names and reputations on this historic stage. Roxrite won the solo B-Boy competition in 2005. Menno took the title twice in 2009 and in 2013. Lilou won his solo champion title in 2014. Lilou and Wing did also win the crew competition with their crews Pockemon and Jinjo. Hong 10 brought home three crew titles the UK Champs crew battle with Project Corea in 2002, Project Soul in 2004 and with Drifterz in 2005.


But far from being an invited top 8 crew, the Red Bull BC One All Stars decided to fly themselves to the UK and enter the prelims in order to qualify for day two's World Final. They even went as far as meeting at the famous HipHopHouse in Rotterdam for a week before the event to train together as a crew.


During their week of preparation the Red Bull BC One All Stars faced some setbacks when B-Boy Lil G was not granted a visa to enter the UK and Menno seriously injured himself during practice.



Even though the Red Bull BC One All Stars were amongst the favorite crews to win the championship their way to victory was all but a walk in the park.

On the first day of the competition 38 crews from all over the world gave their best in hopes of being selected into the top 8 crews. For their first battle the Red Bull BC One All Stars were up against Last Alive, one of the strongest crews in Italy. Without having to use any of their routines. the Red Bull BC One All Stars made it to the top 8, due to their individual talent and experience.



As expected by many, the Red Bull BC One All Stars qualified for the top 8 and on the second day of the event the crew faced internationally renowned crews like Team Schmetta from Belgium in the first round and Foundnation from Japan in the semi-finals.

Having battled with at least 8 crew members only once before at IBE in 2012, a lot of people expected the Red Bull BC One All Stars to have a hard time performing the necessary group dance routines that play a big part in winning the crew battle on a stage like the UK Champs. However in both the first and semi final battles the Red Bull BC One All Stars managed to reply to every routine that was thrown at them by their opponents with ease.


In the grand final the Red Bull BC One All Stars were up against the Dream Team, an all star crew featuring members of the Predators from Russia, B-Boy Luan from Brazil and B-Boy Frankie Perez from Supreme Beings USA.


Red Bull BC One All Star Neguin opened the final battle in his characteristic and theatrical dance style. He clearly was feeling the choice music by Dutch DJ Cut Nice who decided to play an all Hip Hop music set for this special edition final. The Red Bull BC One All Stars’ performance was highlighted by Hong 10’s signature “two finger hollow back” move and an impressive “no hands head freeze” from Neguin on Pelezinho’s back.


The Red Bull BC One All Stars were in their element. We came to enjoy the moment and have fun as a crew but more importantly as friends,” Ronnie would later explain after the battle.

It turned out to be an interesting final. Dream Team members Jamal, Aduh, Luan and Gipsy showed great individual skills combining powerful sets floor moves, air moves and freezes but both audience and judges felt and appreciated the crew spirit and companionship of the Red Bull BC One All Stars. With their win at the 20th anniversary of UK B-Boy Championships the Red Bull BC One All Stars have proven to be so much more than just a collective of exceptional dancers.


Training photos by Maurice van der Meijs
Photos from the event by Louni