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Your Turn to Judge: Taisuke vs Hong 10

Posted by on Dec. 22, 2016

Two weeks ago, our judges had the final word to crown to the Red Bull BC One 2016 World Champion in Nagoya, Japan. Now it’s your turn to be the judge! This game let’s you decide who makes the next round. Go ahead take the judges' board and make yourself heard! 

Watch again the epic battle in which Taisuke and Hong 10 faced each other and vote below!


Photos by Jason Halayko / Red Bull Content Pool

Electric Trouble + Glass Hopper + El Squad Performance

5 things to know about Red Bull BC One champ Issei

Posted by on Dec. 10, 2016

Following a heated battle in Nagoya, Japanese b-boy Issei Hori won the Red Bull BC One World Final, beating two-time winner Hong 10.

Following his remarkable win, which you can watch in the video above, we spoke to Issei and got a fistful of facts about the 19-year-old junior turned world champion.

You can watch the full replay of Red Bull BC One World Final 2016 exclusively on Red Bull TV

1. He got into breaking when he was just 6

Issei experienced breaking for the first time in his home town in Kyushu when he was only six. "I got inspired by friends and people around me that were breaking. In 2009, I saw Red Bull BC One for the first time and I instantly knew that I wanted to be part of that. I could imagine myself being on the stage."

Le vainqueur Issei Hori

2. Taisuke and Issei come from the same part of Japan 

Issei hails from the same part of Japan as Red Bull BC One legend Taisuke. Both come from Kyushu, the most southwestern of Japan's main islands. Issei has been following Taisuke's career since he was a kid and, even though he's now the new reigning Red Bull BC One world champion, he doesn't think that he is better than him.

3. He was under a lot of pressure

"To be honest, since the final was held in Japan, I was under a lot of pressure," said Issei. "But what really helped me was the cheers from the fans. That really helped me to push harder, go further and clinch the title."

4. Red Bull BC One is the grandest stage he’s been on

"This is by far the biggest show I've ever attended. I am very, very happy," said Issei. The final battle against Hong 10 was hard-fought and thrilling, but although Hong 10 has more than a decade of experience over Issei, the new champion said his most challenging rival was last year's winner, Victor.

5. Issei’s life isn’t all about breaking

Besides breaking, Issei loves playing video games, eating, resting and listening to music. To celebrate his victory, he would like to go to an onsen hot spring with his family and friends.

Replay the Red Bull BC One 2016 World Finals only on Red Bull TV.

Continent Battle at the Nagoya Red Bull BC One Camp 2016

Posted by on Dec. 09, 2016

This year the Last Chance Cypher was one of the new features of the Red Bull BC One Japan Camp leading up to the World Final in Nagoya. On the first day of the Camp 38 Cypher winners from 35 countries battled for the last open spot on the world podium. On Saturday B-Boy Leony from Belem Brazil was victorious and battled Red Bull BC One All Star Taisuke in the opening battle of the World Final.

One day before, on the second and final day of the Red Bull BC One Camp the 37 B-Boys who did not make it to the World Final stage were invited to compete in the first edition of the so-called “Continent Battle”. This last and final program turned out to be one of the highlights of an amazing Red Bull BC One Camp, which captured the international community spirit that lives strong within breaking.  

Continental Battle

In the Continent Battle, the Cypher winners joined by Red Bull BC One All Stars Pelezinho, Lil G, Taisuke and Lilou were grouped in four teams to represent their continent; Team Europe, Team Middle East Africa, Team Asia and Team Americas combining North and South America.

A fifth team was formed by the B-Boys and B-Girls of the hosting country Japan. Earlier during the day dancers from all over Japan had gathered for an intense two hours cypher session with experienced Japanese B-Boy judges walking around selecting the best B-Boys and B-Girls for team Japan.   

In an open format without judges all continent teams got the chance to battle each other. Fired by an emphatic MC Tyrone from The Notorious IBE, MC Seiji from Japan and the hard-hitting beats of DJ Lean Rock every continent team understood the task at hand: show no weakness and represent your skills for country and continent. The result, 10 very enjoyable high level Breaking battles all respectfully and enthusiastically applauded by the Japanese crowd, one of the best audiences to have when it comes to dance competition. 

In Nagoya the Last Chance Cypher, the Continent Battle but also the workshops, talk shows, Popping and All Styles Battles as well as the digital art & video features on display showed that the cultural spirit around the Red Bull BC One Camp is growing, making the Red Bull BC One World Final a home for both competition and community. 


Representing for the continent teams

Middle East & Africa:

Jester (Turkey), C-Sick (Kuwait), The Curse (South Africa), Sinbad (Oman), Drifty (Jordan), Huey Flava (Bahrain), Klash (Egypt), Energy (Morocco), Lilou & Francklin (Algeria)


Thomaz (Poland), Xak (Spain), T-Rock (Belgium), Stepper (Holland), Marius (Romania), The R (Sweden), Pluto (Ukraine), Mowgly (Italy), Yan (Russia)


Abdul (India), Stimo (Azerbaijan), Lego Sam (Malaysia), Harrien (Taiwan), Danny (China), Zooty Zoot (Korea), Shadr (Kazachstan), Blue (Korea)


Ztimpy (Mexico), Hill (Mexico), Baby (Mexico), Geeroud (Venezuela), Illz (Canada), Panxito (Chili), Pelezinho (bra), Lil G (Venezuela)


Yosh, Shigekix, Ryoma, Ami, Kaku, Ryo T One,  Kanta, Babylon, Gen, Shade, Tsukki, Taisuke

Continental Battle

Continental Battle

Continental Battle

Continental Battle

Continental Battle

Relive all the action from the Red Bull BC One World Final here.

Junior B-Boy Issei Beats 2x World Champion Hong 10

Posted by on Dec. 05, 2016

Aged 19, Issei triumphs at Red Bull BC One in Japan against Hong 10, 12 years his senior.

“12 years? That’s more than a decade of breaking experience that I don’t have!” Local B-Boy Issei Hori beams as he steps off the world final stage in Nagoya.

“That age difference means a lot,” he says, still sweating from his final one-on-one battle against Kim Hong-Yeol, a Korean B-Boy who goes by the name of Hong 10. “My motivation was only higher for it.”

 Issei Hori

Like Taisuke Nonaka, another local favourite, Issei comes from the Kyushu Island in southern Japan. And just like Taisuke, the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium crowd cheered for him through the night.

“It’s been amazing,” says Issei in fast paced Japanese. “People were so supportive, and this is by far the biggest show I’ve ever taken part in. I’m very, very happy.”

Hong 10, who won breakdancing’s biggest price in 2006 and 2013, felt quite differently about the night. “I’m sad,” he says humbly, seeing his third world title escape him.

Issei Hori face à Hong 10

“12 years? It gave me a shock. I’m getting old... B-boying is hard, we can use our experience of course, but we have to use our physical body. I have to find a way to improve myself.”

“Issei is a great B-Boy. He makes every battle a final. He’s got musicality; his energy is good. He’s kind of the best amongst the young guns... and even amongst the older ones.”

A total of 16 B-Boys coming from 12 countries gathered in Nagoya for the event, including three former champions.

Le jury de la finale

“I like the way BC One has grown,” comments Richard Colón, better known by his stage name Crazy Legs. At 50, he’s a breaking pioneer from the Bronx, NYC.

“The line-up blows my mind. Every single competitor in Saturday’s battle has the skills of a modern B- Boy, from power to blow-ups, to technical ability, to flavour, to foundation. The winner seriously deserves it.”

Le vainqueur Issei Hori

You can watch the Red Bull BC One World Final 2016 exclusively on Red Bull TV