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Your Turn to Judge: Taisuke vs Hong 10

Posted by on Dec. 22, 2016

Two weeks ago, our judges had the final word to crown to the Red Bull BC One 2016 World Champion in Nagoya, Japan. Now it’s your turn to be the judge! This game let’s you decide who makes the next round. Go ahead take the judges' board and make yourself heard! 

Watch again the epic battle in which Taisuke and Hong 10 faced each other and vote below!


Photos by Jason Halayko / Red Bull Content Pool

Junior B-Boy Issei Beats 2x World Champion Hong 10

Posted by on Dec. 05, 2016

Aged 19, Issei triumphs at Red Bull BC One in Japan against Hong 10, 12 years his senior.

“12 years? That’s more than a decade of breaking experience that I don’t have!” Local B-Boy Issei Hori beams as he steps off the world final stage in Nagoya.

“That age difference means a lot,” he says, still sweating from his final one-on-one battle against Kim Hong-Yeol, a Korean B-Boy who goes by the name of Hong 10. “My motivation was only higher for it.”

 Issei Hori

Like Taisuke Nonaka, another local favourite, Issei comes from the Kyushu Island in southern Japan. And just like Taisuke, the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium crowd cheered for him through the night.

“It’s been amazing,” says Issei in fast paced Japanese. “People were so supportive, and this is by far the biggest show I’ve ever taken part in. I’m very, very happy.”

Hong 10, who won breakdancing’s biggest price in 2006 and 2013, felt quite differently about the night. “I’m sad,” he says humbly, seeing his third world title escape him.

Issei Hori face à Hong 10

“12 years? It gave me a shock. I’m getting old... B-boying is hard, we can use our experience of course, but we have to use our physical body. I have to find a way to improve myself.”

“Issei is a great B-Boy. He makes every battle a final. He’s got musicality; his energy is good. He’s kind of the best amongst the young guns... and even amongst the older ones.”

A total of 16 B-Boys coming from 12 countries gathered in Nagoya for the event, including three former champions.

Le jury de la finale

“I like the way BC One has grown,” comments Richard Colón, better known by his stage name Crazy Legs. At 50, he’s a breaking pioneer from the Bronx, NYC.

“The line-up blows my mind. Every single competitor in Saturday’s battle has the skills of a modern B- Boy, from power to blow-ups, to technical ability, to flavour, to foundation. The winner seriously deserves it.”

Le vainqueur Issei Hori

You can watch the Red Bull BC One World Final 2016 exclusively on Red Bull TV

#breakID, Signatures on the body of the B-Boys. VI: Hong 10 & Taisuke

Posted by on Nov. 23, 2016

B-Boys engrave their signature on their bodies for their dedication on the floor over the years. These scars and marks that appear on their bodies, a once clean canvas, tell the story of their B-Boy life.

We have named these signatures #breakID and we present the #breakID of eleven of the best B-Boys in the world shot by Japanese photographer Keisuke Nagoshi. 

In this sixth and last installment photographer Keisuke Nagoshi brings us the impressive pictures of Hong 10 and Taisuke.

Let’s celebrate B-Boys & B-Girls commitment with your #breakID as well.

Hong 10's #breakID





Taisuke's #breakID





All photos ©Kaisuke Nagoshi (Commune Ltd.) / Red Bull

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Why You Should Not Miss the Red Bull BC One World Final Japan 2016

Posted by on Nov. 10, 2016

World’s biggest 1-on-1 Breakdance competition is back celebrating it’s 13th edition on December 3rd in Nagoya, Japan. 16 of the World’s best B-Boys compete for the ultimate victory and only one will claim the championship belt.
Not convinced? Here’s a breakdown that should get you excited.


BOTY: What You Need to Know about the World’s Biggest Crew Competition

Posted by on Oct. 14, 2016

On the 29th of October, the 27th edition of the Battle Of The Year (BOTY) will happen in Essen, Germany. Probably every dancer you know has been on this stage, including 2016 judge and Red Bull BC One All Star Hong 10. His first BOTY performance was back in 2002 and he has since then competed many times at the World Final stage. With a line up already looking insane, we can only look forward to another great edition. We caught up with one of the main organizers Mario Roth to get an exclusive inside peek on what to expect at the BOTY’s World Final stage.

We’ve seen crews from around the world competing at the local qualifiers and ready to make it to the World Final. How has the BOTY year been so far? 
The BOTY year was great so far. Besides the countries that are running qualifiers for a long time, like Italy, Japan and France, we have a lot of new countries that are organizing qualifiers now. We held an event in Nepal and it turns out that this country is not only famous for the Himalaya or mountaineers but also have amazing B-Boying. Also Africa has been growing a bigger scene over the last years. There was even a BOTY Cameroon for the first time in the BOTY history this year.  

BOTY 2016 is moving to a new location. What else can we expect for this year’s edition?
It´s true that we move to another city and change the venue, but we still keep up to the old standards.  There will still be a 1-on-1 with a great line up, the official BOTY Warm Up Party, the 2-on-2 B-Girl Battle, workshops and for sure the main event. The winner of the 1-on-1 battle will be qualified to compete at the World B-Boy Masters event in Czech Republic, battling for the Undisputed title among the other title competitors that are part of the World B-Boy Series. 

But there is at least one new part in the BOTY weekend that we introduce for the first time this year. We will host a BOTY Kids Battle. There were six eliminations worldwide; In Greece for the balkan area, Israel, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland for Central Europe. These Kids will show the audience great choreographies and great battle techniques, just as the crews at the main stage.  At the BOTY headoffice, everybody is looking forward to this. Also there will be a reunion with some old friends again for the 2016 showcase. The amazing Rahzel and MC Supernatural will perform together on the main stage. 


Red Bull BC One All Star Hong 10 has a long history with BOTY and is now one of the judges, what gave the choice to Hong 10 to be one of the judges?
That´s right, it has been a long time since his first appearance on the BOTY stage with Expression and then later with Jinjo Crew, but Hong 10 is still one of the most consistent and innovative B-Boys worldwide. As a member of the Red Bull BC One All Stars and double champion of the Red Bull BC One World Final, he is known for his complex, clean and creative style. He came up with a multiplicity of signature moves as the spinning airchair, handcuff mills or the Hong 10 Freeze. Combine all this together, it´s only natural that we reserve a seat for him at the BOTY judges table. 

Time to start planning and witness world’s best B-Boys in action at the Battle Of The Year 2016. Visit to get you prepped. 

Photos by Little Shao & Nika Kramer