Lean Rock & B. Bravo Present "West Coast"

Posted by on May. 04, 2015

Today, I present a new track, called “West Coast,” just in time for the first-ever Red Bull BC One Hawaii Cypher. It turned out to be a coincidence that the music was in the works before I found out I’d be spinning at the Cypher. This track embodies my journey out West. The California lifestyle has changed my outlook on life, bringing a more laid-back vibe and softening my East Coast, Boston-born edges.

The arc of the track reflects my life journey, as it starts of aggressively much like the East Coast. It then transitions into a feel-good, G-Funk track, reminiscent of my current life out West. That said, I look forward to see what the West Coast B-Boys bring to the table this year. Enjoy the music!

#BCONE Instagram of the Week

Posted by on May. 04, 2015

Check the B-Boy snap of this week by Switzerland's Marvin De Vera (@10000nxscrew)! Want to be featured as the #BCONE Instagram photo of the week? Tag yours with #bcone and we pick the best each week on Monday.


Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on May. 01, 2015

UzeeRock vs Robin by Роман Притула

Watch the heated final from the Red Bull BC One Ukraine Cypher 2015 as 2013 World Finalist Robin takes the crown!

Bboy JFunky for UDEF Heartz & Mindz Chicago by YAK x SILVERBACK

Follow the action from Chicago! Music: "Rogue Boy" by Enigma Dubz

Ruffneck Attack Jam 2015 by Роман Притула

Relive the Ruffneck Attack 15-year anniversary event in Kiev.

#TBT Breaking Battles: The Ruggeds vs Jinjo Crew at Checkmate 2013

Posted by on Apr. 30, 2015

Concept B-Boy battle Checkmate, whose name refers to the different values of the game of chess whereby the battlers try to get the king under an inescapable threat of capture, is indeed one of the more fascinating extensions of promoter creativity. One of its most memorable editions was when Jinjo faced The Ruggeds in the 2013 semifinal.

Founded in 2010 by Michael ‘Mike’ Siller and later the Circle Industry team, Frague and Cosmic helped to perfect the concept. It was picked up by Red Bull in 2010, and the first edition was a fact and went down in Austria.

The second edition of Checkmate was organized on May 5, 2013, with top crews, such as Squadron, Jinjo and The Ruggeds, on the invite list. The Ruggeds took a lead, knocking out four members of Jinjo Crew and leaft B-Boy Vero as the last man standing. Amazingly, it took five more rounds before The Ruggeds were able to knock out Vero and heard the “checkmate!” shouted by the hosts, placing them for the final.

Organizer Mike remembers it being one of the most exciting battles he had seen in some time.

“Looking back at the social media feedback it was also one of the most controversial ones. Being live at the venue and seeing the spirit and heart The Ruggeds put into every round it was clear to me they would take the battle,” Mike explains.  “In the first few rounds, everything went as planned for The Ruggeds, but Vero went into beastmode when he was the last man standing to face off his crew of opponents. He was able to take out a few of the dancers from The Ruggeds and unite the whole audience behind him. After doing several rounds in a row in a five-on-one, you could see that his stamina was running low and he got sloppy, but being hyped by the crowd and having a warrior spirit, Vero showed some true skills. In the end, The Ruggeds were able to take him out but this battle left goose bumps on most of the live audience.”

As for the online community it was a totally different story.

#TBT Breaking Battles: The Ruggeds vs Jinjo Crew at Checkmate, 2013

“On YouTube, most of the people were hating against the judges for being political, bad or simply stupid,” remembers Mike.

Judged by Poe One, Cima and Pluto, one of the big advantages of the Checkmate system is that you see why a team lost, because they have no more dancers left. For Mike, having three judges deciding at least five times incorrectly is highly unlikely. Besides the fact that is was an epic battle, it showed him the big difference between being present live at an event, versu watching it on YouTube.

In the final battle, Squadron dancers RoxRite, Keebz, El Nino, Kid David and Nasty Ray, showed their excellence by not losing a single round and claimed the victory from Russia’s Top 9 crew, who had taken the grand prize at the first edition in 2010. The next edition of Checkmate will happen on the May 9 as part of the upcoming Circle Industry in Austria.

The Rules of Checkmate

Checkmate is a five-on-five crewbattle were each crew has one king, queen and three pawns. A pawn from one crew starts the battle, and one of the pawns from the opposite crew answers. Directly after this round, the judges decide who is better. The pawn who lost has to leave the dancefloor, leaving one crew with four members. The dancer who plays the role of the king can call out a specific dancer from the opposite crew before he starts. No routines and commandos are allowed, as its a heads up battle. There are also judges who decide who has to leave the dancefloor directly after the round. The one who plays the role of the queen has the ability to revive dancers back the floor each time a round has been won. However, the queen can’t kick dancers off the floor, so losing against the queen doesn’t mean you have to leave the stage. As soon as the queen loses the battle, the crew automatically loses the ability to bring dancers back into the battle. The crew who manages to kick out every dancer from the opposite crew wins the battle, which is followed by a loud “checkmate!” from the host and crowd.

Photos courtesy of Circle Industry

How To B-Boy: Break Advice Season 4 - Victor

Posted by on Apr. 30, 2015

Check out Episode Eight of the all-new season of Break Advice, as 2015 Red Bull BC One World Finalist Victor (USA) shares his knowledge on powerful footwork. Season Four of Break Advice was shot in Nantes, France, during Hip OPsession 2015.

The Break Advice online breaking school features some of the world’s best B-Boys, including 2014 Red Bull BC One World Champion Menno, 2014 World Finalists Cheerito and Thesis, Pluto, C-lil Bruce Almighty many more. Each element of the dance is broken down in these online tutorials, from toprock and downrock, to tricks, transitions and power moves. Watch and learn as these international champions discuss techniques, personal styles, training tips, how to behave in battles and so much more.

Check out Break Advice's Instagram here.

Photo by Pitt Nasty