Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on Oct. 09, 2015

Red Bull BC One Western Europe Final 2015 Actioin Clip

Follow the action straight from Madrid, as Portugal's Bruce Almighty captured the throne!

Ettehad Crew Clip by Amazing Mashhad Boys

Straight out of Mashhad, Iran, check out Ettehad Crew, who have been going strong since 2001.

Neguin & Secada in Central Park, NYC by Yak Films

Check out Red Bull BC One All Star Neguin tomorrow at DANCE BATTLE in Oakland, California. It's a free event!

Wild Card Winner's Circle: Sunni

Posted by on Oct. 08, 2015

If there’s one B-Boy who represents the spirit of the next generation it’s the UK’s Sunni. Representing Soul Mavericks, Sunni helped to put England back on the global breaking map, with his individual style, signature moves and admirable energy. He’s a competitor to be feared wherever he shows up, which is why we’re thrilled to announce him as the next Wild Card for the Red Bull BC One Italy World Final 2015, to be held in Rome on November 14. He made his entrance on the global stage in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 and he’s been crafting and perfecting his art form ever since. That experience gave Sunni a big taste of Red Bull BC One, and he’s back and ready to show the world what he’s got. An invited part of the Red Bull BC One All Star High Performance Camp in Italy this summer, Sunni will also be competing at the Undisputed this year after his triumphant victory at The Notorious IBE solo battle in Heerlen, Netherlands.

Watch Sunni’s incredible style live right here on on November 14. He’s full of surprises that will keep you on your toes– it’s not to be missed!  

How has this year so far been for you?
It’s been a really good one. I’ve been travelling and was lucky enough to win a few big competitions! The best thing for me this year has been the opportunity to really travel often with my crew, Soul Mavericks.

03 Sunni vs Differ 2012

What’s changed in your battle mentality?
My battle mentality has changed this year as well, in the sense that I’ve started to just try and enjoy myself and promote what I believe to by my strengths, rather than try to tick off all the boxes and be a full, so-call “well-rounded B-Boy.” Obviously I try and cover all bases to some extent, but losing myself in the dance is how I enjoy myself. And it’s much more enjoyable than focusing on a win or loss.

You previously battled on the World Stage in 2012. What did you learn from that experience?
Yeah last time I participated in a Red Bull BC One World Final was in Rio.  I gained a crazy amount of knowledge from that battle. It was my first time performing on a stage like that, and it really caught me off guard! It was definitely one of my favorite experiences of the last couple years, but I was always a little disappointed with my performance there. That said, I am happy to go back this year with more experience and preparation under my belt.  

How does it feel to represent your crew, Soul Mavericks, and the UK?
It feels good putting my crew’s name back up on the board at these big jams, but I am just happy to have the opportunity to rep!

It seems like you’ve been traveling nonstop in the past couple of years. What’s been one of your favorite moments on the road?
I have been truly blessed to been traveling as much as I have! I can’t really say that one thing that was the best thing, because I love travelling and I’m just happy to have the opportunity to see as much as I do. Everywhere I go, I see something unique and appreciate being out of the UK regardless of the jam.

#TBT Breaking Battles: Sunni vs Hong 10 at UK BBoy Championships 2011

What did you learn from meeting with the Red Bull BC One All Stars in Rome this summer?
The trip to Rome was definitely one of the highlights of this year for me. I’ve never really seen that side of B-Boying. It really opened my eyes to the extent of how many different disciplines and elements of fitness are related to breaking, and how much there is to do with the dance apart from battling and training. It was great to see the Red Bull BC One All Stars in a different environment as well. They’re the superstars of our scene, and it was dope to have the opportunity and time to chill and bond with them on a person-to-person level. They are all inspiring people, and it was nice to be able to understand that they’re all down-to-earth, normal people as well. 

What advice do you have for the next generation of B-Boys?
My advice to the up-and-coming generation of B-Boys is to just enjoy yourself. This is supposed to be about you expressing yourself, not stressing yourself!

Photos courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool

#TBT Breaking Battles: Teams Europe vs USA at Ultimate B-Boy Session 1998

Posted by on Oct. 08, 2015

The 1997 Ultimate B-Boy Session took place Hannover, Germany, and was organized by S&A productions.  The event featured crews from all over Germany and a top, international line up featuring legendary names such as Ivan (Style Elements), Mario (Imperial JB’s Japan), Evo crew (UK) and the Renegades (USA).  While the event managed to go down in history a small handful of times, of its many memorable moments was the crew battle between European All Stars and American Gladiators in 1998.


European B-Boying saw the rise of now-legendary events during the late 90s, as breaking and general Hip Hop events were being organized on a bigger scale than ever before. Battle of the Year and the UK B-Boy Championships both moved to bigger venues in 1997 and 1998, attracting well over 4,000 spectators each. Each country began hosting its own breaking gathering, or event that included all elements of Hip Hop, including the UK’s Fresh 97, Netherlands’ Back to Planet Rock, in 1998, France’s Summer Session, in Strasbourg, and Switzerland’s Urban Skills, to name a few. But Ultimate B-Boy Session, which was held three times between 1997 and 1998 and one more time in 2000, produced some of Europe’s best breaking memories of the era. 

In 1998, the S&A promoters decided to do the event on a bigger scale and moved the event to Böblingen, a small town near Stuttgart. The battles were hosted and judged by the New York City Breakers and American rap legend Kurtis Blow performed a show. Just like in 1997, crews from all over Germany had gathered and this time a big cypher battle between Berlin’s Flying Steps and crews from the southern Germany was one of the highlights of the evening.

The main event; however, was the battle between the European All Stars (Ibrahim, Maurizio, Benny and Nick) and the American Gladiators (Kujo, Ivan, Man One and Orko). People from all over Europe had traveled to the small, southern town in Germany to witness this epic battle, but for better or worse the battle did not go down as planned. As it turned out, the USA’s Ivan and Orko did not perform, and on the European side a remarkable number of European dancers all jumped into the battle!

The first part of the battle is the most memorable part, that said. It featured Karim Barouche, Benny, Maurizio, Nick and Ibrahim on the European side and just Kujo and Man One on the American side. In the second part, Momo, Vox and Salah (France) and Amigo (Germany) all joined the battle.

The event also featured a solo B-Boy battle. Two legendary B-Boys, Tuff Kid (Basel City Attack, Switzerland) and Angelo (Battle Rox, Germany) represented in the finals.

Later that year, another edition of the Ultimate BBoy Session went down. That edition is best remembered for the rise of B-Boy Sonic (Denmark), who won the solo B-Boy battle, a young B-Boy Little Sun knocked out adult competitors and there was a now-legendary crew battle between Spain and France. 

In 2000, a fourth edition of Ultimate BBoy Session was organized but the event was smaller and garnered little attention. Unfortunately no more editions of the event ever came to fruition after, but the face of European B-Boying was forever changed by its three now game-changing events between 1997 and 1998.

Photo by Gian Paul Lozza / Red Bull Content Pool

Music to Break to: Mixtape 50 (djblesOne)

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Get down to classic breaks with djblesOne's B-Boy/ B-Girl Soul Walk 206 Mix. You can download it for free, and be sure to also check out his new, romantic breaking single, "Baby." Come back each week for a new mix curated by

Photo courtesy of djblesOne Facebook


#BCONE Instagram of the Week

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Catch the B-Boy colors of autumn with this snap from @yurysavelyev! Want to be featured as the #BCONE Instagram of the Week? Tag your photos, and we pick the best each Monday.