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Spin | ProDance Originals by ProDance TV

Check out 2015 Red Bull BC One Cypher Champion Spin (Soul Mavericks) in action in London's docklands.

Battle de Vaulx 2015 Recap by TV Lilou

Relive the first-ever Battle de Vaulx, held in Red Bull BC One All Star Lilou's hometown in France.

Morning of Owl vs Team Vinotinto at 3CO Battle Raw 2015

It was South Korea vs Venezuela during the heated final at France's Battle Raw 2015.

Photo by Leo Francis/ Red Bull Content Pool

How To B-Boy: Break Advice Season 4 - Cheerito (Go-Downs)

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Check out Episode 12 of the all-new season of Break Advice, as 2014 Red Bull BC One World Finalist Cheerito (Russia) covers a go-down called the “Korean Sweep.” Season Four of Break Advice was shot in Nantes, France, during Hip OPsession 2015.

The Break Advice online breaking school features some of the world’s best B-Boys, including 2014 Red Bull BC One World Champion Menno, 2014 World Finalists Cheerito and Thesis, Pluto, C-lil Bruce Almighty many more. Each element of the dance is broken down in these online tutorials, from toprock and downrock, to tricks, transitions and power moves. Watch and learn as these international champions discuss techniques, personal styles, training tips, how to behave in battles and so much more.

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Photo by Pitt Nasty

The Road to Rome: Spotlight on B-Boys Kacyo & Mat

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The upcoming Red Bull BC One Italy Cypher 2015 will be the ultimate battle, determining who will become Italy’s best B-Boy, home to this year’s Red Bull BC One Word Final 2015, in Rome. While the Cypher’s Top 16 hail from different ages, origins and geographical regions, two B-Boys, Kacyo and Mat, stand apart. The former, a mature, high-level B-boy, is not only a veteran on the international battle circuit but is also the returning Italy Cypher Champion. The latter is just fifteen-years-old on the other hand, yet Mat is a promising, new-generation breaker with plenty of battle experience under his belt. All eyes are on Rome as we look forward to both the Red Bull BC One Italy Cypher and the Red BC One World Final 2015, to be held in November, so read on and learn about two of Italy’s top B-Boys and their different approaches to breaking, its lifestyle, and, of course, the battle floor.

How did you begin breaking?
Kacyo: I’m from Palermo, even though I’ve lived in Rome for many years now. When I was in high school in Palermo, I started hanging out with different crowds, and I really connected with the Hip Hop scene. Then a friend of mine gave me a tape cassette. It was Marco Off, a rapper from Palermo, who I later found out was my cousin! I contacted him right away, and asked him to teach me everything he knew. He was actually how I was introduced to the four disciplines of Hip Hop: B-Boying, DJing, graffiti art and MCing.

B-Boy Kacyo

I fell in love! I started with the [graffiti] writing, even though during that time, no matter which discipline I focused upon, I was still really interested in the others. I eventually decided to dedicate full passion to breaking. I founded Savage crew in Polermo and really helped nurture and grow the local breaking scene. Seven years ago my crewmember, Walrus, and I left Palermo and toured around Europe doing street shows. That’s how we eventually ended up in Rome. From that moment forward, our lives became breaking between street shows, battles and teaching.

Mat: I saw B-Boy Roberto Blue dancing on a TV show, and I admired him.  I wanted to contact him because I knew he didn’t live far from me in Treviso. It ended up being an easy road, because my grandfather happened to know Red Bull BC One All Star Cico’s father! And it was Cico himself who suggested I go to Roberto. I was eight years old at the time.

“Every day, I want to give the best of myself in what I do. Breaking is like a drug I can’t live without. It’s where I find relief, where I can touch the ground and breathe.” -Kayco

What do you remember from that initial period?
Mat: I remember that I didn’t really want to dance, but only do the jumps. I was fascinated with the acrobatics. And I absolutely wanted to learn how to spin on my head– I had to do it! I felt like it was a part of me, not because I wanted to be noticed by my friends or to be a big shot, but because it was a true need.

Kacyo: I would open Aelle, the old-school magazine dedicated to Hip Hop and all its nuances, and find my cousin’s work in it. It’s still strange to think about it. I can remember the jam sessions in the Mondello parking lot. I get goose bumps when I remember it all. There was a small stage for DJs and MCs, a spray painted wall and a linoleum floor where you could dance. With all the combined disciplines, I came home with an energy that could last two or three months. Then there were the days in Piazzale Ungheria, I remember Saturdays were crammed with people and B-Boy challenges. We would train all week to smash it all up on Saturday. I’m still inspired today by those times, and I like to keep my breaking true to those emotions, while always evolving.

What takes up most of your time now?
Mat: Today I work out pretty much every day and I do it all for Red Bull BC One! I stay incredibly busy. I work out about two hours every day, but I can only go in the afternoons because in the mornings I attend class. I’m in my first year of high school. No one in my class dances, but they understand that it’s my passion and how that encourages me, and they know I’m a good breaker.

Kacyo: To teach the roots of breaking to the new generation, to communicate it through my dance… to stay good with them and with myself. I like to look for my flow. To me, each man should strive for that inner victory. Every day, I want to give the best of myself in what I do. Breaking is like a drug I can’t live without. It’s where I find relief, where I can touch the ground and breathe.

How do you see yourself in the future?
Kacyo: The Kacyo of the future is the same Kacyo as always: the one that dances every day. I like to organize events for my students and for anyone who wants to participate. The more time passes, the more I see myself evolving…the beauty of dance, for me, is just that– the more I move ahead, the more ideas I have.

Red Bull BC One Italy Cypher 2014

Mat: I don’t know exactly, but I’d like to be a part of the Red Bull BC One All Stars. It’s my dream!

Who are your idols?
Kacyo: As sharing is the basis of this discipline, the veterans always give me their input on how to move forward. I’m inspired by everything around me, in life and in breaking alike. Everything that is genuine and positive inspires me. I was fortunate enough to work with star B-Boy Poe One recently. He has become a part of breaking world history, at the end of the workshop I was in disbelief. It really opened my eyes. His enlightening words go beyond breaking standards. They’re lessons that I’ll carry with me all my life.

Mat: I like B-Boy Pocket, because his power moves are incredible! I was already following him on the Internet and then I met him live when I battled against him at Battle of the Year 2015, two years ago in Germany, It was great meeting him, even though I lost against him.

Which move would you like to be remembered for?
Mat: I’m still too young, but I’d like to be remembered as a B-Boy who was a great dancer. Right now, everyone loves me. They see me as the future scene, which motivates me to train even more.

Kacyo: I love doing what I do, I hope people see that it’s everything– it’s who I am.

What’s your perspective going into this year’s Red Bull BC One Italy Cypher?
Kacyo: This year I want less pressure, as I had much in previous years. I hope to enter into this Cypher lighter. I’m training a lot in the street, but 10 days ago I had a minor accident and hurt my back dancing. It’s getting better, and in the end it will be fine, but I’m taking it in stride because it’s par for the course. It’s one of those things that helps you grow and helps you face breaking with a different mindset. It was a warning bell. The injury was my body was telling me I was pushing it too hard. 

Mat: I do a lot of strength training and run, but mostly I get fit on the stage! I’ll have something special to show everyone at the Red Bull BC One Italy Cypher 2015, but I can’t tell you too much…otherwise I’ll lose my element of surprise! My biggest challenge is to give it my all against the other B-Boys, but with a sense of respect and friendship. I like the battles and they motivate me to train more. Right now, I’m training as much as possible, also with Cico, which is another highlight for me.

Photos by Little Shao and Nika Kramer/ Red Bull BC Content Pool

“Right now, everyone loves me. They see me as the future scene, which motivates me to train even more.” –Mat

What fascinated you the most about breaking in the beginning?
Kacyo: I grew up really close to dance because my parents had a dance school. I started taking lessons in ju jitsu was five-years-old, as I was fascinated with martial arts. Between my family background and interest in martial arts, breaking sat squarely in the middle. In the end, I dance with the acrobatics from ju jitsu. I was fascinated with expressing myself through dance in a totally creative way. It was, and is, a world that fits me like a glove.

Mat: The connection to music. I already listened to a lot of music, especially Hip Hop. I listened to songs by Eminem, Dr. Dre, a lot of American music… but also the Italian Hip Hop artist Fabri Fibra. Today, I mostly listen and dance to Funk, because it’s at the core of the battle and the most recognized. These days I have a lot of mp3 mixes. I listen to them at home, or when I’m stuck in the checkout line. It’s how I train– I stay connected to the music.

Story originally written in Italian by Maurizio Ridolfo 

Music to Break to: Mixtape 31 (DJ Reactive 98)

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