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Presenting the best #BCONE Instagram of the week. Check out this futuristc snap @chino_graphics in Querétaro, Mexico!


Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on Dec. 19, 2014

Top Dance Sets at Undisputed 2014 by .stance

In no particular order, catch the top dance sets from Undisputed 2014, which took place in London, England this past Sunday.

Undisputed World Bboy Masters Official Recap by The Legits

Follow the action from London as Red Bull BC One All Star Lilou becomes the first-ever Undisputed champion!

UK B-Boy Championships 2014 World Finals B-Boy Battle by YAK Films

Re-live some of the best moments from this year's UK B-Boy Championships!

Cover photo by Little Shao

Ask RoxRite! On the Power of Positivity

Posted by Red Bull BC One on Dec. 19, 2014

Each week, Red Bull BC One All Star RoxRite answers your questions from Facebook about breaking and its culture. Watch this week’s edition, as he discusses a holistic key to B-Boy success: the importance of keeping a positive frame of mind both on and off the dancefloor, as well as staying away from negative people and thoughts.

Got a question for RoxRite? Visit the Red Bull BC One Facebook page and ask. Answers are posted here on the blog the following week.


#TBT Breaking Battles: Flying Tortillas vs Soul Control

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Every now and then, usually in the aftermath of a major crew competition, the debate about super crews– a crew made from the best dancers of different crews– gets heated. The very essence of a crew is scrutinized, not to mention the importance of winning. But the story was quite different in 1998, when DJ, promoter and current Red Bull BC One Commentator Cros 1 organized his third edition of Freestyle Session.

At the time, FSS was a rising, West Coast jam and when German B-Boy legend Storm headlined the event a record 1,300 visitors made their way to the Lost Boys & Girls Club Gym in Chula Vista, California. In those days, the world was not connected by the Internet. To meet a B-Boy legend like Storm in the flesh was real a novelty. The experience must have inspired Ivan, another legendary B-Boy, to come up with a crazy idea.

Ivan had seen the victory of Storm and Swift Rock’s two-man crew, Battle Squad, at the Battle of the Year in 1992 and later brought up the idea to compete in the Freestyle Session crew competition with only two men: he and Storm. But when other big shot B-Boys, like Poe One, Wicket and Flo Master, heard about the idea, they wanted in as well. Along with Demon Spirit and Super Dave, the bunch decided to create one of the first super crews in Freestyle Session history, called Flying Tortillas.

In the final, Flying Tortillas battled Soul Control. At that time, Soul Control was one of the top crews and 1997 winners of the number-one event West Coast event called Radiotron.  Soul Control members Charles, Megaman, Pablo and Kujo were really deep and dedicated talents who constantly came up with new and innovative power transitions. Most memorable were the pioneering contributions of Pablo Flores (RIP) for developing the first continuous airflares.

The VHS video of Freestyle Session turned out to be a worldwide hit. Up until today, Freestyle Session 3 is the classic example for raw and true B-Boy events all over the world. 

The final battle between Soul Control and Flying Tortillas at Freestyle Session proved that both a strong and innovative crew of friends as well as a super crew formed out of admiration for each other can be inspiring to generations for years to come. It’s not just about bringing together top dancers from top crews and winning.

Real Hip Hop in Taipei with Beat Square's Fourth Anniversary

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With so much focus and attention surrounding many of the competitions that take place across the globe, we often overlook and miss those that don’t have major funding sponsorships and big budgets– the events that rely more on their local community of dancers, artists, street wear brands, BMXers and skaters alike, that have been building together for years and hold things down on their own. 

Skeme in Taipei

One such event that I had the honor of being a part of a few weeks back while in Taipei, Taiwan, was the Beat Square fourth anniversary park jam.  Beat Square is a concept brought together by Taipei’s first Hip Hop DJ, Chicano, who started the event as a monthly gathering in the park.  Each month, he would carry his equipment out and set up shop for dancers, artists and passersby to gather in the spirit of Hip Hop in its purist essence of the culture.  There is no pay involved, but donations are accepted to help out. Otherwise everything is done for the love of bringing people together for an afternoon of enjoyment. 

Skeme in Taipei

Each DJ on the bill really kept the party flowing, and I was pleasantly surprised that they all spun vinyl, which was refreshing to say the least.  My set for the afternoon consisted of keeping things traditional by spinning an all-45 classic breaks and Hip Hop set, which had people going bananas.  You really get the sense of appreciation for the art when you’re around people that aren’t sidetracked by focusing too heavily on the competition aspect and can actually enjoy the festivities, which after all is the reason why we started in the first place.  

Skeme in Taipei

One of the highlights of the day for me was an elderly gentleman who was doing a form of Tai Chi mixed with dancing while the music was playing.  It was really inspiring to me, because it shows that age really has no boundaries when it’s the rhythm that makes you move.  The more I attend and participate in these types of events, the more I realize that even though it’s a representation of New York’s past, it’s also the beginnings for most into the future of breaking and Hip Hop at large. 

Skeme in Taipei

These types of events are routed in the culture itself and the togetherness that it holds.  There’s no online bickering of who won or lost what battle, which judges didn’t do a good enough job to satisfy your opinions on your favorite dancers outcome and, honestly, almost no online presence at all.  And it is for that precise reason why I feel it is so important to write about events of this nature. 

Things have become overly serious in the scene, and all the while no one’s happy except for those with nothing at stake.  People say competitions ruined the scene. That’s not true, as competitions have always been around. In fact, it’s the people who ruin the scene!  Now mediate on that for a second or two.

Photos courtesy of Skeme Richards 

Music to Break to: Mixtape 10 (DJ Lean Rock & DJ B Ryan)

Posted by on Dec. 16, 2014

Get down to this "Free In the Style" mixtape as Red Bull BC One World Final 2014 and Undisputed 2014 DJ Lean Rock collaborates with DJ B Ryan. Come back for a new mix each week, curated by

Cover photo by Nika Kramer/Red Bull Content Pool 

Hot From Skeme's Crates: B-Boy Jam Bands

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Hello, world! I’m here in Japan on tour, and I’ve been inspired to get back to putting pen to pad, or fingers to keyboard in this particular case.  For my latest journal, I wanted to bring it back to the music and primarily the bands that actually make the music, with three tunes from three bands that I’m really digging these days– and hopefully you will too. 

First up is a band that I originally introduced to the breaking scene back in 2005, and have since become a staple within the music and the culture.  Budos Band has recently released their latest album, Burnt Offerings, which is primed to be another one filled with tunes perfect for the floor.  This go around the band brings an even rougher edge by inducing hints of psych-rock elements to their already-funky sound that really gets the blood flowing.  “The Sticks” is just one of the many cuts that helps make this album a must-own if you don’t have it already.  

My second pick goes to a band that has deep connected roots within the dance community, has played various events and always strives to bring a higher level of music than what’s currently being portrayed as B-Boy music.  FUSIK represents that Florida Funk style, and have recently released their latest 45, Percusso, which I have had on heavy rotation during my club sets here in Japan since I landed.  FUSIK is a band that understands how to make funk music and takes their craft serious enough to still press up vinyl.  

And last, but not least, my third pick for tunes that I’m really feeling at the moment comes via my good friends over at Breakin’ Bread, who have been consistently supplying quality music to the many funk, soul and Hip Hop DJs within our worldwide community. They also have many anthems in their catalog, including “Gypsy Rock,from UK Bboy and producer Ill Boogs.  The latest from the label is “The Magic is Gone (Hammond Reprise), ”by Chris Read, and it’s yet another drum-heavy sure shot that will be getting plenty of run for years to come.  

There’s a big misconception when it comes to what is referred to as B-Boy music. There’s actually no such genre!  These bands happened to have created music that became B-Boy/B-Girl friendly tunes the same way Apache, Black Belt Jones and Jimmy Castor have before them.  Trying to make so-called B-Boy music without the players of a band is simply a one-man/ one-woman idea of what a person thinks the music should sound like. In practice, that theory just limits and pigeonholes the sound of the dance and the culture.  I recently heard someone refer to the new sound of music on the scene as “B-Boy EDM,” because of the monotonous style and sound. I sadly have to agree with that statement, but that’s another topic for another day. 

Until next time, discover new and enjoy these tree tracks from these wonderful bands that will not only make you dance, but also make you think!



Lilou Is the Undisputed Champion

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Red Bull BC One All Star Lilou snatched the first-ever Undisputed Champion title at London’s O2 Academy last night. Up against stiff competition with 2014 Red Bull BC World Champion Menno, Lilou ended the 2014 battle season on a high note. 

Last night’s final was a rematch from a past battle between the titans. In 2007, Menno and Lilou went head to head in the solo battle at UK B-Boy Championships, which was organized at the same venue where last night’s event took place. It was an uphill struggle the entire way, as the round-for-round scores by the judges were hidden during the final, unlike the rest of the battles, so the dancers had to make it to three rounds either way.

Lilou is the winner | Undisputed 2014

In the end, Lilou took turned the tables on his 2007 loss against Menno, and took home the win. It was a stark contrast to what unraveled during the Red Bull BC One France World Final 2014, when he lost to fellow Undisputed competitor B-Boy Alkolil in his first battle of the event.

Yesterday, the eight competitors– who all won a spot through victories at select, major events throughout the year–were gathered into two groups using a round-robin system. From there, they battled for their spot at the semifinals.

B-Boy Alkolil | Undisputed 2014

B-Boy Gravity was invited due to Menno’s double qualification at both Chelles Battle Pro and the Red Bull BC One France World Final 2014. B-Boy Spin, who placed second in the ranking system, got a chance to compete as The Notorious IBE solo champion, France’s Tonio, was unable to compete due to visa issues. In three rounds, the B-Boys tried to get as many wins and points to advance to the semifinal and battle for the title, not to mention the cash prize of 4,000€. Menno and El Niño advanced from Group A, and Alkolil and Lilou advanced to the seminfinals alongside them, from Group B.

B-Boy Kleju  | Undisputed 2014

“It was a great atmosphere and so nice to have all the champions together at this event, practicing in the one room and battling in the other,” said Lilou in reflection of the event. “I also like the round-robin battle format.”

Judge Red Bull BC One All Star RoxRite said the toughness of the competition made it interesting. 

“You have to come with a lot of moves, so repetition is going to play a bigger part in winning or losing a battle,” he said. “That aspect tests the battlers, because the their level is really high and therefore the smallest details can make the biggest difference.”

B-Boy Gravity  | Undisputed 2014

The 2014 battle year is now coming to a close. Next year, the Undisputed World B-Boy Series will have include the collaboration of the same eight globally renown competitions: Chelles Battle Pro, R16 Korea, Outbreak Europe, The Notorious IBE, Battle Of The Year, UK B-Boy Championships, Freestyle Session and Red Bull BC One.

Stay tuned for the 2015 dates of the event! 

Photos by Little Shao 

#BCONE Instagram of the Week

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Presenting the best #BCONE Instagram of the week. Check out this snap from Red Bull BC One All Star Ronnie as he freezes in Thessaloniki, Greece!

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Who Will Become the Undisputed Champion?

Posted by on Dec. 12, 2014

The long wait is over. This weekend, the first edition of the Undisputed goes down Sunday. Eight top, global breaking competitions joined forces as the World B-Boy Series for the first time in 2014, sending each of their winners to a new masters event. This Sunday, the time will come to name the Undisputed Champion of 2014.

The participating competitions are UK B-Boy Championships, Freestyle Session, Battle of the Year, R16 Korea, The Notorious IBE, Outbreak Europe, Chelles Battle Pro and Red Bull BC One. From them, some of the world’s best B-Boys will go head to head for the title of ultimate world champion, including Red Bull BC One All Star Lilou (UK B-Boy Championships Champion), Menno (Red Bull BC One World Champion and Chelles Battle Pro World Champion), Alcolil (Red Bull BC One World Finalist and Battle of the Year Champion) and El Niño (Red Bull BC One Judge and Freestyle Session Champion).


The first round of the event will be operated under a round-robin system. Within two groups of four battlers, each contestant meets all other contestants in turn. The Undisputed 2014 Ranking sheets are below, and determine the seeding of the groups.


After the first round, the top two dancers of each group advance to the semifinals in a knock-out system. The winners of the semifinals will then meet in the Undisputed 2014 Final.

Kozen Judging System

The Kozen judging system made its global debut at Chelles Battle Pro earlier this year. Kozen is a judging device designed by Dutch B-Boys Niek and Jing Wang. It shows the judges votes on video screens after every round in the battle. The Kozen System has changed the way a dancer wins a battle, as the format is now round-for-round and the dancers know immediately at the end of each round who has won or lost. In the Top 16 battles of Undisputed events, the first dancer to win two rounds wins. In the finals, the first dancer to win three rounds is named champion.

BOTY 25th Anniversary One on One 2014

Competing B-Boys: Group A

Group A will feature some interesting battles, as well as first-time face-offs for many B-Boys. The first and last winner of the World B-Boy Series events is B-Boy Menno (The Netherlands), having won the Chelles Battle Pro and Red Bull BC One World Final, respectively. After winning almost every major title, Menno will face Kleju (Poland), Tonio (France) and El Niño (USA) in the first round. Menno has hardly battled these three B-Boys, except when he battled El Niño during a two-on-two battle in 2011 (Flow One Three). He faced B-Boy Kleju in 2008 in an exhibition battle during the Autumn Madness event. Last year, Menno battled Tonio in the first round at BOTY 2013, which he went on to win. 

Meet the 2014 World Finalist: Tonio 

Although El Niño and Kleju have battled in the same events, like Freestyle Session World Finals 2014, they have never faced off in a one-on-one battle. The same goes for Tonio and El Niño. The last match up in this group is Tonio versus Kleju. Although they have both battled at similar events, like Outbreak Europe, they have never battled solo against one another.


Competing B-Boys: Group B

Group B will also feature some heated match-ups, with Gravity (USA), Alkolil (Russia), Lilou (France) and Issei

(Japan) in it. As Menno won two tickets to Undisputed, the number-eight spot will be filled by Gravity. Gravity is the number-one competitor on the World B-Boy Series 2014 ranking. He competed at five of the eight events, made it to the Top 8 three times and twice lost a final battle.


One of the interesting rematches will be Gravity versus Alkolil. They battled one another at the quarterfinal, ending in a victory for Alkolil. Let’s see if Gravity turn things around in London. Gravity and Issei met on the dance floor at the 2013 edition of the Notorious IBE Seven2Smoke battle. This will be a first one-on-one for Gravity and Red Bull BC One All Star Lilou.


Lilou and Alkolil’s rematch from the Red Bull BC One World Final first round might be the most interesting battle of this group. One of the most debated battles of the event, Alkolil beat Lilou in two rounds and the audience clearly showed they didn’t agree. The third dancer that Lilou will face is Gravity. Who remembers when they battled in a duo together at the Battle of the Best two-on-two Hip Hop battle in December 2011?

Issei and Alkolil both have successful crews and they met up before with Alkolil’s Predatorz and Issei’s Foundnation facing each other at the Battle of Estonia 2013 and Outbreak 2012 World Finals. They haven’t battled in one-on-one so far, but that will change this weekend.

Footage of the Undisputed masters event will be available directly after the battle at both Stance and ProDanceTV. Planning to come to the event itself? Find more information here: .


Background Information

In 2008, the promoters of R16 Korea took the initiative to organize meetings with promoters, dancers, DJs and judges in the B-Boy scene. One of the main topics was how to connect the world’s premier B-Boy events and improve their future cooperation and communication.

Many group sessions and meetings later, everyone found a way to align some of the oldest and most respected B-Boy competitions without changing or losing the individual event’s identities.

Photos courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool