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Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on Mar. 27, 2015

Lilou Underground Cypher by TVLilou

Follow Lilou as he vibes in the pouring rain at Singapore's Radikal Force Jam 2015. 

Radikal Forze 17th Anniversary Jam 2015 Recap by Imaginasion

Congrats to Radikal Forze as they celebrate their 17th year, in Singapore!

Menno vs Benji @ Next Urban Legend 2015 by NextUrbanLegend

Red Bull BC One All Star Menno holds his own during a callout at France's Next Urban Legend.

Photo by William K/ Red Bull BC One Content Pool

#TBT Breaking Battles: Raw Circles: Morris & Gravity vs MN Joe & Flexum, 2011

Posted by on Mar. 26, 2015

Raw Circles started in 2005 as a jam session that travelled around different cities in Belgium, but in a decade had grown to become one of the world’s premiere, global two-on-two breaking battles. Alexander Dziri, the event’s organizer and a B-Boy himself, hopes to inspire others with the event, showing that hard work, dedication and passion can take you around the world. The last edition of Raw Circles happened a year ago, and there are no plans to bring it back for now. 

But with around 300,000 YouTube views, one of the most memorable moments in Raw Circles History took place when two USA duos met up in 2011: Flexum & MN Joe versus Gravity & Morris.

“We always tried to mix our line up with well known B-Boys and upcoming dancers,” said Dziri.  “And I feel this is one of the reasons for the success as we had dancers really striving to prove themselves.”   

Raw Circles was born from a Belgian B-Boy initiative to organize what were called “City Breaks.” The country’s biggest cities would host a jam and invite B-Boys from different towns. Dziri grew fond of organizing jams and bringing the community together. As he tells the story, the Belgian scene a decade ago was more or less dancers who sat in the circle, performing mainly tricks. He began traveling to countries, such as The Netherlands, to gain battle experience. At that time, the countries he visited were heavily focused foundation and flow, and Dziri felt that most of the Belgian B-Boys were not aware of that fact.

“That motivated me to bring these kind of Cyphers to Belgium. We changed the name of City Breaks to Raw Circles to let people know this jam would be about jamming and great vibes,” explains Dziri. “The first [wave of] organizing was with my former crew, Raw Material, and later, after a short break, I met up with DJ Jebel and we decided to put Raw Circles on the international B-Boy map. It became known for it’s raw vibe and at the time, around 2010, it was possible with the help of the City of Antwerp to make it internationally known. The first editions knew only exhibition battles and jam sessions. When we noticed to growth of visitors, we started doing battles with judges.”

It was the 2011 edition of Raw Circles that saw the epic battle go down.

“When we organized [it], MN Joe was one of the B-Boys I really wanted to bring over. Not a lot of people in Europe knew him then and it was great I was able to bring he and Flexum over to represent Knucklehead Cali. Another B-Boy was Gravity, mainly for his double backflip, which had yet to be seen live in Europe. It might sound cheesy, but looking back it was worth that 1000€ on a flight ticket,” said Dziri. “Back then, Morris and Gravity were sponsored by BBoyworld and I’m still grateful for that. Without both duos this battle wouldn't have happened and especially these moments can bring your event to another level. Of course you can’t control the outcome prior to a battle, but what I spent a lot of time on was to come up with a bracket that had the most potential of great results. Sometimes you want to see well known B-Boys head up against each other than to leave it to a coincidence and see if they will meet up in the battles or not.”

There are no plans to bring Raw Circles back. It started as a love for the scene and a means to bring the community together. Dziri said that if he can find the right people and possibilities, he would consider hosting another edition.

Next to annual events, such as Unbreakable and BOTY Benelux, Raw Circles managed to keep itself alive and relevant in the scene.

“It was the most globally-minded event in terms of the worldwide qualifiers we hosted as we did in more than 15 different countries, including three times in Brazil and one time in the USA,” added Dziri. “Especially the one in the USA is special for me, since not a lot of events have qualifiers in the USA and it made me realize what we achieved with the event. I had a great time with Raw Circles, and hope to have people inspired to create something that is bigger than yourself, because before you know you might end up on the other side of the world.”

Photo courtesy of Alexander Dziri/Raw Circles

How To B-Boy: Break Advice Season 4 - B-Boy Cheerito

Posted by on Mar. 26, 2015

Check out Episode Four of the all-new season of Break Advice, as 2014 Red Bull BC One World Finalist Cheerito reveals the secret behind transitioning from an airchair to your elbows and hands. Season Four of Break Advice was shot in Nantes, France, during Hip OPsession 2015. 

The Break Advice online breaking school features some of the world’s best B-Boys, including 2014 Red Bull BC One World Champion Menno, 2014 World Finalists Cheerito and Thesis, Pluto, C-lil Bruce Almighty many more. Each element of the dance is broken down in these online tutorials, from toprock and downrock, to tricks, transitions and power moves. Watch and learn as these international champions discuss techniques, personal styles, training tips, how to behave in battles and so much more.

Check out Break Advice's Instagram here.

Cover photo by Pitt Nasty

Music to Break to: Mixtape 23 (Mr Wiggles)

Posted by on Mar. 24, 2015

Get down to this mix by Rock Steady Crew's own Mr. Wiggles, and come back each week for a new mix curated by!

Photo courtesy of Steffan Clemente