Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on Feb. 27, 2015

Drifterz Crew's 2015 Promo by Drifterz Crew

Check out some of South Korea's best, starring Starr Trickx, Red Bull BC One All Star and two-time World Champion Hong 10, Rookie, Moony, Breakson, Neepy, Jazz Bear and Millhouse.

Crooks Crew vs 5 Crew Dynasty | Heartz & Mindz Final Battle by UDEF x Silverback x YAK

Watch the heated final battle in Chicago at an event that raised awareness about heart disease, sponsored by UDEF.

Siberian B-boy AirMax by Format Dance Studio

Ask RoxRite! On Personal Style & Building Sets

Posted by on Feb. 27, 2015

Each week, Red Bull BC One All Star RoxRite answers your questions from Facebook about breaking and its culture. Watch this week’s edition, as he explains the inspirations that helped him develop his personal style, how he got his B-Boy name and the different strengths behind freestyling versus building sets.

Got a question for RoxRite? Visit the Red Bull BC One Facebook page and ask. Answers are posted here on the blog the following week.


Photo courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool

#TBT Breaking Battles: Ynot vs Whacko at Culture Shock 2011

Posted by on Feb. 26, 2015

One of the fastest growing and most respected B-Boy events in Asia is Culture Shock, in Taipei, Taiwan. The event presents an extensive program in which some of the best dancers in the world compete in solo, three-on-three and toprock battles.

A great moment in Culture Shock history was the Top Rock Final in 2011 between Y-Not and Whacko. This year, Whacko– who hails from San Francisco, USA– is returning to Taiwan to judge the battle for their 2015 edition.  Just before getting on the long flight bound the Far East, Whacko was kind to share his love for the Culture Shock event and his most memorable Culture Shock battle with fellow countryman Y-Not. 

You have been a guest at Culture Shock for some years. How many times have you visited the event
This will be my third time going to Culture Shock.

#TBT Battles: YNot vs Whacko at Culture Shock 2011

What makes Culture Shock special?
The fact that my first trip to Culture Shock in 2011 was my first time leaving the country, not to mention where I scored my first overseas win, holds a special place in my heart. Yorick, the organizer, and his staff at this event were super hospitable in the short time I got to know them during my stay. The same goes for the people of Taipei. It’s one of my favorite cities to visit whenever I’m in Asia– beautiful sites, and the food is next level.

What can you say about that memorable 2011 battle at Culture Shock?
I had just battled against South Korea’s Born in the Up Rock Final. After that, I had to battle against the judge Rob Nasty, and then found out I was battling Ynot in the Top Rock Finals. This battle stands out to me because of the journey I made. I had flown for 23 hours and went straight to the event from the airport, and danced the entire day. I told myself two things: I'm either going to beat him, or go the distance and try to beat him. 

What's the beauty of the art of rocking, and toprock in general?
The beauty is that you know how to dance to the whole song like it’s second nature. You create burns on the spot while riding the rhythm, and it’s almost like being [the comic book character] Green Lantern. You have the most powerful weapon in the universe, and your only limitation is your imagination. 

#TBT Battles: YNot vs Whacko at Culture Shock 2011

Is there a difference between the two?
I can only speak on my personal opinion, but I feel there is a difference between the two. Rocking is more drawn out and geared towards burns and making a mockery of the opposition. With toprock, I feel you don’t need to throw burns to embarrass your opponent, because your dance will already do that on its own.

The fifth edition of Culture Shock takes place from February 27-28 in Taipei, Taiwan and features an impressive lineup, including MC Mario Bee, The Break Boys (Kid David, Luigi & Casper), Shigekix, Issei, Neepy, Victor, Vero, Intact, Lamine, Hong 10, Moy, Y-Not, Aya, DJ Cros One, DJ Dust, DJ Light and Body Carnival.

Cover photo courtesy of Strife, additional photos courtesy of B-Boy Whacko

Video: One Shot One Kill feat. The Floorriorz

Posted by on Feb. 25, 2015

To end my trip in Japan, I had the chance to continue my series of "One Shot, One Kill." This edition features three members of The Floorriorz, hit up in Taisuke's old apartment to catch wreck. The idea behind this series is to highlight an individual's ability to show off a fully executed round in one take.

Taisuke, Steez and Katsuya made it an easy take while repping their styles and dropping some fresh moves. It almost took longer to come up with the sequence than to actually execute it. On this occasion, it only tookt two takes for them to be pleased with the filming. From the explosiveness to the patterns, everything well executed. With the concepts they dropped, you can see the versatility in their styles. The Floorriorz, of course, include more members, but I was only able to bring these three together for the shoot. The series has started back up, and I look forward to shooting more crews and B-Boys in the coming months. Until the next one, enjoy! 

Cover photo by Little Shao/ Red Bull Content Pool

How-To B-Boy: Break Advice (Season 1)

Posted by on Feb. 25, 2015

Check out this online breaking school, featuring some of the world’s best B-Boys, including the Red Bull BC One All Stars. Each element of the dance is broken down in these online tutorials, from toprock and downrock, to tricks, transitions and power moves. Watch and learn as these international champions discuss techniques, personal styles, training tips, how to behave in battles and so much more. Season One of Three, featuring top B-Boys Bootuz, Yan, Robin and more.

Break Advice - Lesson 1: Cross Step 

Break Advice - Lesson 2: Original Go Downs

Break Advice - Lesson 3: Footwork Variation

Break Advice - Lesson 4: Swipes Variations

Break Advice - Lesson 5: Basketball Steps

Break Advice - Lesson 6: Hook & Monkey Swing

Break Advice - Lesson 7: Double Turn

Break Advice - Lesson 8: One-Handed Freeze 

Break Advice - Lesson 9: Four Step, Switch & Ninja 

Break Advice - Lesson 10: Front Sweep & Corkscrew

Break Advice - Lesson 11: Air Flare

Break Advice - Lesson 12: Flare