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Posted by on Oct. 02, 2015

Red Bull BC One Western Europe Final 2015 Teaser

Follow the action live from Madrid tomorrow at 20:30 right here at, and at for Spanish commentary!

Red Bull BC One North America Final 2015 Recap by The Bboy Spot

Catch the highlights from Orlando, as Victor captured the crown on home turf.

B-Girl Angel in Paris by Old Vision

Watch London-based, French B-Girl Angel as she walks and dances through Paris' La Villette, home to the Red Bull BC One France World Final 2014.

Photo by Nika Kramer/ Red Bull Content Content Pool

Rewind: B-Boy Mouse’s Rise to Fame from the Manila Streets

Posted by on Oct. 01, 2015

Ereson Catipon, aka B-Boy Mouse, not only dominated B-Boying in the UK during the turn of millennium, but he was also one of Europe’s top competitors in the biggest international competitions.  He is the co-founder of the Soul Mavericks, the internationally renowned B-Boy crew that he started together with DJ Renegade back in 2004. Mouse moved from the Philippines, where he was born and raised, to the UK in 1996, which is where his breaking career started. He spent his youth in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which is portrayed in the music video for Rudimental’sNot Giving In,” featuring John Newman & Alex Clare. Mouse tells the story about how his early life story became the theme of a music video that will soon to hit 30 million YouTube views.

How did this project come about?
It all started because of a promise made by my friend, Josh Cole, the director of the video. I met Josh for the first time in late 1999, or early 2000. We chilled together and then we talked about the Philippines and what it is like back in Manila. He got me to open up about my story, and from there he promised me that when became big enough in the filming industry, we would make a video together about my story. 

I did not really keep my hopes up based on his promise. It was what I thought was just a drinking talk with the lads. Josh Cole was a driven photographer back then. He always would keep in touch about his promise whenever he saw me.

So one day he just contacted you again and you travelled to the Philippines together?
Yeah that's right. He got offered a job from the record label to do the Rudimental video. From there, he wanted to go and film in the Philippines just like he promised me. We travelled there together in September 2012. I am very grateful to him that he made his promise come true. He's a true friend and an honest man.

How was it to work on the video? How did you find the right people for the video?
Josh briefed me before we travelled to Manila. My job was to give him the locations to film and find the right people to use for the video. We walked around the slums of Manila and selected the people for the video. I would talk to them and ask them if they wanted to be in the video. They were happy enough to do it, and obviously as it was a job for them. One of the two kids in the video is called B-Boy Allen. He is a B-boy from Las Piñas neighborhood, in Manila. The other boy, we got him in the streets of Kalookan City in one of the slums I used to hang out when I was young. 

B-Boy Mouse with Red Bull BC One All Star Ronnie

You were born in Manila. Can you explain in what aspects the story of the video is your story?
All of it is my story, except that my brother is not dead but just chose another path, so that’s a metaphor. My aspect is that I live for Hip Hop and also lived the gang violence life, but I decided to take the positive path in the end. Also a lot of my people were in the video. Through this video, people all around the world were introduced to the Philippines’ Breaking scene.

Soon the video will hit 30 million views. Did you ever expect that to happen?
I never expected this to go that big! I was just happy to tell my story because a friend made me a promise and he made it happen. Then, when the video came out, I got so many messages from people all around the world. They told me that they feel the same way and they shared their stories with me. How Hip Hop helped them in their journey in their life. It made me happy. The negative story of my life became a positive message for many people.

You have always supported Hip Hop and outreach projects in the Philippines. What are you working on currently?
At the moment I have a project in the Philippines that helps to uplift young people’s mentality and their way of life through Hip Hop. My project is called "KAPAYAPAAN," which means “peace” in Tagalog (language of the Philippines). 

I am currently making the website and it will up soon. We’re also making a Facebook page and will try to raise money for the project. My goal is to refurbish a building for the kids, to teach them Hip Hop and life lessons. If this building lasts and succeeds in making a different for those kids then I will be a happy man.

Photos courtesy of B-Boy Mouse and Red Bull Content Pool

Watch The Circle: Evolution

Posted by on Sep. 30, 2015

Watch “Evolution,” the fourth and final episode of “The Circle” and learn the story of the progress of the Italian scene both locally and on the international circuit. Ice One, Snap P, Froz, Matthew and more describe how travel experience changed their life and their dance, along with how breaking opened doors for them to perform in theatre and beyond.

Episode Four of Four.

Video by Undervilla & Silvia Volpato, photo by Nika Kramer/ Red Bull Content Pool

Music to Break to: Mixtape 49 (DJ Mingo)

Posted by on Sep. 29, 2015

It's another great B-Boy mix by French DJ Mingo, with his promo for Battle WIBA 2015. Be sure to come back each week for a new mix, curated by!

Photo courtesy of DJ Mingo Facebook


#BCONE Instagram of the Week

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It's B-Boy eat, sleep, dance, repeat for Catalan @killerstepz in today's #BCONE Instagram of the Week! Tag your photos throughout the week with #bcone and we feature the best each Monday!