Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on May. 27, 2016

BOTY France 2016 - Finale - Melting Force vs Fantastik Armada

Re-live the French Final where Melting Force met Fantastik Armada in an incredible battle

Victor Meets New York | Workshop | BNC

Victor offers us his invaluable experience and priceless advice

B-Boy Crew SUICIDE KINGS Breakin Sesh | STRIFE

Watch this amazing training session of the Californian crew

Photo by Nika Kramer / Red Bull Content Pool

#TBT Breaking Battles: Skychief vs Jazzy at the Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher 2013

Posted by on May. 25, 2016

It’s an uncommon situation when two B-Boys from the same crew meet each other in a final battle for victory, but also when the actual battle takes place in the hometown of both dancers. So where would that leave the audience and who is supporting who? Well, this happened when Skychief met up with The Ruggeds crew member Jazzy at the final of the Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher back in 2013 to strive for a ticket to the Western Europe Final. We caught up with Skychief, who is returning to the Holland Cypher in two weeks, about his experience.


What can you recall from the actual final battle?
Skychief: For both us, we didn’t feel like losing because we both made it to the final. It’s a beautiful thing when you can share this experience with your own crew member, and he is also one of my closest friends even before we started dancing. I can remember that we honestly didn’t care who would take the title, but of course that is not a reason to hold back and give it your best. In the end, the judges voted for me, but if Jazzy would have won, I believe I would have felt the same way. The battle itself was hype and I was happy to bring enough energy after doing already three battles on that day.

In two weeks, you are going to battle for a ticket to Japan. What are your expectations?
So, in two weeks time, the Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher will celebrate it’s 5th edition and the winner will go straight to Japan. For me, it’s hard to have certain expectations on the level and the vibe. I’m an emotional dancer, so it will depend on how I feel on that day itself and what I can bring to the dancefloor.

And that has always been the way of how I approach my dancing, and most of the times, I had the result I wanted. Of course, I’m looking forward to bringing my skills to the battle but I don’t feel nervous at all. I just keep my daily routine of practicing to stay fit. If the music is on point, I can elevate myself to higher levels and we’ll see if that is enough to get a ticket for the Last Chance Cypher in Japan.


On June 11, the very best dancers of the Netherlands will battle for a ticket to the World Final in Japan. But there is more than just the battle. The day before (June 10), there will be a Culture Night with a workshop from Timor Steffens, Theatre shows by The Ruggeds & Amenti Collective, The Wreckin Shop Hip Hop Freestyle Battle and an exhibition by Dutch Hip Hop photographer Ilja Meefout. That’s not all though! During the week of the Holland Cypher, the Red Bull BC One All Stars Menno, Lilou and Pelezinho will host workshops across the Netherlands.

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Photos by Nika Kramer

Music to Break To: Mixtape 79 (Dj Igorskee)

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Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on May. 20, 2016

Outbreak Europe 2016 Teaser

Get ready for Outbreak Europe 2016, as some of the best B-Boys and B-Girls from over 70 countries gather in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia  

COMBOnation TRAILER 2016

Watch this stunning video of  the best moments from COMBOnation 2016, held in Kazan, Russia


See the recap of Rock the Floor 2016, held on the 7th of May in Spain

Photo from Rock the Floor / Singrima Films