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Video Break: The Week's Top 3

Posted by on Apr. 24, 2015

Daniel Cloud Campos, "All Over Now," by Alice Russell

"Through the years of dancing I've searched for inspiration to find the movement that feels true to me," says Campos. Music: "All Over Now," by Alice Russell.

Ultimate Styles Jam by 조충훈

Relive the action!

B-Boy Paulhino, Air Mail Special by TeteMoreira

Watch B-Boy Paulhino hit the streets.

Cover photo by Little Shao/ Courtesy of Daniel Cloud Campos Facebook

#TBT Breaking Battles: Freestyle Session Korea 2005

Posted by on Apr. 23, 2015

When it comes to B-Boy crew battle competitions, no nation has managed to top the prowess of the South Korean dancers in the past 15 years. South Korean crews have taken the title at the three biggest international crew competitions– Battle of the Year, UK BBoy Championships and R16– 19 times during this time, whereas France, who comes in second place for the big three, has brought home eight. Not only has the country produced some of the best crews in the world, it also hosts some of the best international competitions, including the seminal Freestyle Session Korea 2005 that hosted the first (and only) two-on-two battle in the history of the event. 

South Korea burst onto the international scene in 2001 when Visual Shock got fourth place and best show as the first Korean crew to compete in Battle of the Year. In the following years, crews like Gamblers, Drifterz, Rivers, Expression Crew, T.I.P. and the all-star crew, Project Seoul, started swiping international titles.

TBT Breaking Battles: Freestyle Session Korea 2005

Come 2005, South Korea became the new epicenter of the international B-Boy community, as it began to host its own high-level competitions. Not only was the dance level high, but the production of the events themselves were top-notch, as well as organized on a regular basis. One of these elite competitions was Freestyle Session Korea 2005, an international event produced by Cartel Creative in cooperation with Armory and Nike. 

Cros 1, founder of Freestyle Session, had reached out to the Cartel Creative events company in 2004 to expand the California-based Armory clothing brand to South Korea via B-Boy events. Cartel Creative at that time had built a strong relationship with Nike and presented the first Freestyle Session in Asia outside Japan in 2004. This first edition of Freestyle Session in Korea mainly saw South Korean crews in battle. 

But in 2005, Cartel Creative, Armory and Nike took the Freestyle Session event to another level. The event took place at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in the 1988 Olympic Park.  The same venue hosted the Red Bull BC One South Korea World Final 2013, as well as the first edition of R16 in 2007.

The entire event was state of the art in every detail, from bleachers, a large elevated stage, moving heads (lights), camera cranes, and a back wall full of LED screens. The dancers entered the stage through LED-covered sliding doors and pyrotechnics even announced the finalists. Not only was the production next-level, but it was also one of the first events in South Korea to featured an international line-up with duos coming from what are now legendary and world class B-Boy crews.

TBT Breaking Battles: Freestyle Session Korea 2005

The line up featured incredible duos like Wing & Skim (Jinjo), Lilou & Brahim (Pockemón), Physicx & Hong 10 (Project Seoul), Jeromskee & Twixx (Massive Monkees), Moy & Elmo (Havikoro), C4 & Born (Rivers) and Ronnie & Omar (Super Cr3w). Other now famous Korean crews. like Maximum Crew, Morning of Owl, Floor Gangs and Last For One, were relatively new at the time and delivered their most talented duos.

It’s strange to note that, while South Korean crews were gobbling up titles all over the globe, this particular event saw two foreign crews in its final: Lilou & Brahim from Pockemón (France) and Jeromeskee & Twixx from Massive Monkees (USA). The judges team, consisting of Storm, Cros1, Poe One, Salah and Ducky, picked Lilou and Brahim as winners and they became the first and only two-on-two champions in the history of Freestyle Session. 

TBT Breaking Battles: Freestyle Session Korea 2005

At the time nobody could have predicted that South Korean breaking would leave a mark on the international B-Boy scene whose legend is still seen today.

Looking back, 2005 was the year South Korea presented its talent to the world. They shone during the USA vs Korea battle at The Notorious IBE, and Project Seoul’s victory at the UK BBoy Champs, not to mention the Last For One victory at Battle of the Year, sealed their fate as world-class B-Boys. Local, next-level events like Match One’s Skill, the Armory Cup and Freestyle Session Korea only furthered their elite place in the global scene.
Photos courtesy of Freestyle Session

Music to Break to: Mixtape 26 (DJ Skillkid)

#BCONE Instagram of the Week

Posted by on Apr. 20, 2015

Presenting the best of the week in B-Boy photography. Check out this dope shot of Bootuz and B-Boy Shadr in Astana, Kazakhstan.

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