Red Bull BC One Italy World Final 2015

Date: November 14, 2015
Location:  Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome, Italy
Winner: Victor

A new Red Bull BC One World Champion was crowned Saturday night in Rome, Italy. In a World Final that saw the rise of the new generation of B-Boys, it was Victor, of the USA, who emerged victorious, battling his way to earn the belt.

“I accomplished this by training, by staying fit, and staying focused. I trained so hard. I would run every day and I would run until I was about to faint,” said Victor after winning the belt. “But the trick is that you have to keep your cool out there. You can’t show people that you’re tired. You have to take your time, be calm and stay grounded. “

The evenings’ battles proved that power, endurance and creativity won the judges’ favor. B-Boy Killa Kolya (Kazakhstan) showed a remarkable performance, as Lil Zoo brought his strong character to his battle against Japan’s Issei. El Niño, one of the most seasoned Red Bull BC One veterans of the night, showed a strong display of original B-Boy flavor that won the judges’ votes early in the night. But in the end, it was Victor who came out on top by one vote after five exhausting rounds in the final against Portugal’s Bruce Almighty.

The marble walls of Rome’s sold-out Palazzo dei Congressi served as the perfect backdrop for the evening to watch the B-Boy gladiators battle for the coveted prize. The music was one-of-a-kind this year, as new breaks were custom-crafted for the B-Boys to dance to, with France’s DJ Marrrtin behind the decks. Legendary MC Supernatural (USA) was on the mic, both as performer and host, with Tromba hosting the event in Italian.

Presiding over the judges’ panel were legendary breaker Poe One (USA), veteran Red Bull BC One Judge Lamine (France), Finland’s Focus and Red Bull BC One All Stars Cico (Italy) and Wing (South Korea).

“Victor did really everything, from the basics to originality to musicality, he was always on point. He’s the ultimate B-Boy because he’s going with the flow. He doesn’t stress out,” said judge, Red Bull BC One All Star Cico. “He’s just calm. American B-Boys have it in their blood. They have this way to dance where they don’t put pressure on themselves. They have a natural talent.”

English commentator, USA Hip Hop cornerstone Sway Calloway added of Victor’s performance: “I’ve been a big fan of B-Boy Victor for a long time. He won Red Bull BC One North America Final 2015 in his hometown Orlando. He’s done the entire journey. He’s an American B-Boy, but he represents the world. He represents the culture.”


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Menno / Kareem
Pocket / Kazuki Rok
Sunni / Bruce Almighty
Alkolil / Thomaz
Leon / Lil Zoo
El Nino / Killa Kolya
Victor / Ratin
Issei / Nasso

Menno / Pocket
Bruce Almighty / Alkolil 
Lil Zoo / El Nino
Victor / Issei

Pocket / Bruce Almighty
Lil Zoo / Victor 

Bruce Almighty / Victor 




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