Red Bull BC One Western Europe Final 2014

Date: October 11, 2014
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Winner: B-Boy Tonio

France’s Tonio stormed his way to victory at the Red Bull BC One Western Europe Final in Helsinki, Finland. The sold-out crowd at the 140-year old student house Vanha Ylioppilastalo was treated to a show of some of the best B-Boy talent in the world, as 16 B-Boys from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom competed in one-on-one battles for the chance to compete on the world stage in Paris this coming November.

Hosts Mario Bee and Axl Smith kept the audience hyped while DJ Smirnoff kept the beats flowing long into the night. Each battle was more heated than the next. But in the end there could only be one.

In the final round, Tonio impressed the judges with his swift moves, high energy and extended combinations against Skychief from The Netherlands. It was a unanimous decision for the judges, breaking legends Maurizio (Italy), Swift Rock (Germany) and Red Bull BC One All Star RoxRite (USA).

“It is always difficult for me to stay constant throughout the night, but I accomplished it tonight,” said Tonio after the event. “The final round was a mental victory.”

Judge RoxRite said of the victory, “In the final round, I felt like Tonio just played his cards right. He strategized well. Throughout the night it looked like he was enjoying himself more than everybody else. You could tell that he was just in the zone. And when you’re on a stage like Red Bull BC One you really have to show that.”

“He knew in the moment when to take over a battle and that’s a very important thing to do when you break,” says RoxRite. “If you don’t know when to take over, then you’re just giving up the round.”

Tonio, who also competed in Nantes City Cypher and the France Cypher this year, will continue his Red Bull BC One journey on the world stage in Paris. “It’s an honor for me to represent France and my hometown at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Paris. It’s a huge opportunity,” said Tonio. “I love to just have fun and dance and listen to the music. This is my secret to winning.”


Watch the Red Bull BC One France World Final 2014 live from Paris at on November 29. 

About Red Bull BC One

Red Bull BC One was founded in 2004 in Biel, Switzerland. Over the years, the championship has moved from Germany to Brazil, South Africa, France, the USA, Japan, Russia and South Korea. Today it remains a key event in Hip Hop culture, helping to push the art form of breaking, or breakdance as it's commonly referred to, forward while respecting the original format of one-on-one battles. represents the largest online network of B-Boys and fans, and the event is home to the biggest Facebook community in the scene, with more than 1.4 million fans. The Finals and World Final will be live-streamed at








Xak / Lagaet
Zoopreme / Hatsolo
Kacyo / Kid Colombia
Shane / Tonio
Lawson / Dany
Skychief / Harlekin
Daniel / Spin
Artur / Noé 

Lagaet / Hatsolo
Kid Colombia / Tonio
Dany / Skychief 
Spin / Artur

Lagaet / Tonio
Skychief / Artur

Tonio / Skychief 



Around the time Beat Street premiered in Finland in 1984, a man named Charles Salter began giving breakdance lessons at the dance studio, Helsingin tanssiopisto. Electro Dynamics and Spiders crews soon formed, creating the sparks of the initial wave of breaking in Finland. The movement slowed down for the next decade, until a second generation of Finnish breaking emerged, birthing the popular crews of the time, like the Mid Point Rockers, Savage Feet, Magnificent Moves, Helsinki City Breakers, High Voltage and Moon Freeze.

When Run-DMC, the rap group that inspired B-Boying in the 1980s, made a comeback with a new version of their classic “It's Like That” in 1997, the effects of that comeback were felt all the way to Finland, inspiring a new generation of breakers. 

The Helsinki Battle of 1999 was the first major competition of Finland’s second-generation breakers. Bomfunk MC’s music video for their international hit single, ”Freestyler,” put Finnish breaking culture on the world map, and local dancers were then able to tour both inside Finland and abroad with the famous breakbeat/ Hip Hop group.

Members of the MidPoint Rockers and Savage Feet formed a new Finnish crew called Flow Mo in the early 2000s. At the same time, a collection of local events began, such as Kuopio Breaks and Breakers Trevenge, along with the first-ever annual Finnish B-Boying championship battle, Break SM.

In the mid-2000s, the Finnish scene was inspired by Flow Mo crew's battle against the legendary Rock Steady Crew, in Los Angeles, and the Top Rocks Club nights organized by Rähinä Records, which served as a meeting place for the Finnish street dancers.

Thirty years strong, the Finnish scene is alive, well and keeps on dancing. The list of Finnish breaking achievements continues to grow, with major international victories and invitations to judge the world’s most important events, such as the 2013 Battle of the Year (BOTY) World Final.