Red Bull BC One North America Final 2014

Date: August 15, 2014
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Winner: Victor

Sin City turned into Spin City as 16 of the continent’s best B-Boys battled head-to-head at the Red Bull BC One North America Final, hosted by Sway Calloway. After four rounds of one-on-one battles at the new Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, Victor, from Kissimmee, FL., emerged as the champion and advanced to the World Final in Paris. 

“It feels really good to win. Last year I lost in the first round and felt horrible and I didn’t want that to happen this year.  I trained so hard and I’m so happy because all of that training was worth it," said Victor after he won. "I feel really good about the competition tonight, there were some crazy battles and I feel great about representing North America in Paris! Shout out to my family, especially my dad because he believed in me and told me I was going to win. I’m proud and I hope he’s proud too.”

Judge and Red Bull BC One All Star RoxRite added:“The battles were really intense tonight. What usually happens in the first round is that everyone is going off for the first time so everything is fresh and the level of difficulty is really high. But down the line you see who has more variety with movements, different types of patterns and technical moves. In the end, those are the guys that started to shine more. Victor and Gravity's final battle was really intense, but Victor was dropping a bit more of everything to win.” 

MTV's Sway Calloway was the MC for the evening, adding that the evening was a great experience, bringing people of every age and background together for a night of true Hip Hop Culture.

“What a great experience. We saw people of every age, people from all colors and all walks of life come together for the culture and the right reasons. I think we really just witnessed Hip Hop in its purest form. Salutes go out to Red Bull and Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas for making this happen," he said. "We saw 16 gladiators go at it. Victor is a worthy champion, and he earned it. It’s easy to say that he was the most consistent throughout the whole evening, I think he’ll do great representing North America in the Red Bull BC One World Championship in Paris.”




Las Vegas, Nevada not only the USA’s entertainment capital but home to one of the country’s most vibrant breaking scenes. Red Bull BC One All Star Ronnie and his Full Force Crew have played a pivotal part in keeping the local scene alive, almost 18 years strong, with their dance studio, District., at its center.

Known for an unorthodox approach to the dance, local breakers also have a wealth of opportunity to take their dance skills and knowledge to Las Vegas’ world-famous stages. Ronnie hopes that, with time and increased support, the city can grow to become the USA’s B-Boy event capital. Some of the scene’s heavy hitters include Maynard, second place at the Seattle City Cypher, and Cristyle.

The North America Final will be held at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas. The international venue also has locations in Brooklyn, New York, and London, England, and has housed famous Hip Hop acts, such as N.E.R.D., Snoop Dogg and Kanye West, serving as the perfect place to host the much-anticipated B-Boy event. 


Victor / Jayd-illa
MN Joe / Tung Fu
Morris / Rion
Tata / Vicious
Toyz aRe Us / Tony Tbags
Gravity / Maynard
Iasiah / El Nino
Fleau / Icey Ives

Victor / Tung Fu
Morris / Tata 
Toyz aRe Us / Gravity
Iasiah / Fleau

Victor / Morris 
Gravity / Fleau

Victor / Gravity