Red Bull BC One World Final South Korea 2013

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Date: November 30, 2013
Location: Jamsil Arena10, Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Winner: Hong 10

Red Bull BC One named a new World Champion, as Hong 10 battled his way to the top of one of the best line-ups in breaking history! Having won the 2006 World Final in São Paulo, Brazil, Hong 10 now joins Lilou as one of the only two B-Boys to have ever taken home the Red Bull BC One World Champion title twice.

"I can’t explain how happy and shocked I am that I won, especially this 10th anniversary year," said Hong 10 of his historic win. "To be level with Lilou is amazing; I have a lot of respect for him and can proudly say that I’m also a two-time Red Bull BC One champion.”

Like several other champions in this year’s 10th Anniversary edition-- such as Italy’s Froz, Japan’s Nori and Ukraine’s Robin-- the Red Bull BC One All Star emerged victorious on home turf. 

Fans came to Seoul’s Jamsil Arena to celebrate a decade of breaking and its global influence at a historical Hip Hop event that combined dance, music, style and art. Hong 10’s victory was the perfect end to the 10th Anniversary celebrations, cementing South Korea’s reputation as a true hub of Hip Hop culture.

With DJ Lean Rock on the decks, the final battle saw Hong 10 and defending World Champion Mounir put their contrasting styles to the test. After three epic rounds, Hong 10 took the win with an incredible display of signature moves, epic stare-downs and powerful freezes to a roaring crowd.

The most talked, and tweeted, battle of the night was between Red Bull BC One All Stars Taisuke (a Wild Card entry) and Lilou, making for an electric, three-round clash full of attitude that left crowd on the edge of their seats. Lilou carried through to the next round, much to the disappointment of Taisuke’s fans. 

Judges El Niño (USA), Lamine (France), Poe One (USA), Storm (Germany) and Ducky (South Korea), had their work cut out for them tonight, as many tough calls had to be made. They each looked for the perfect combination of technique, rhythm and style that marks true breaking greatness. In the end, they were divided in selecting Hong 10 as the winner.

“Red Bull BC One is turning a new page," said Lamine of the 10th Anniversary celebration. "I hope tonight will inspire a new generation of B-Boys that will see the competition continue to grow and succeed in years to come.”

The evening’s entertainment saw performances from legendary Korean Hip Hop group Drunken Tiger and experimental beatboxing-and-dancing duo, KRNFX & Mike Song.

Red Bull BC One also organized an art festival to decorate the stadium’s walls in celebration of Hip Hop culture. B-Boys turned artists, graffiti pioneer and Rock Steady Crew member Doze Green, and former B-Boy turned internationally acclaimed artist Rostarr, painted custom murals for the big night. Influential modern artists Cool Rain, Juan Doe, Taku Obata and Jaycy also showcased their work.

Hong 10 and his fellow competitors got to wind down after a week of intense activities at an exclusive after party that saw the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff on the decks, alongside performances by KRNFX, DJ Pumpkin and Drunken Tiger. In one unforgettable night, the scene came together to celebrate a glorious decade in the history of this continually thriving culture!






Roxrite / Arex
Lilou / Taisuke
Ronnie / Gravity
Mounir / Froz
Wing / Nori
Omar / Robin
Neguin / Lil Zoo
Hong 10 / Menno

Roxrite / Lilou 
Gravity / Mounir
Wing / Robin
Lil Zoo / Hong 10

Lilou / Mounir
Wing / Hong 10

Mounir / Hong 10