What’s new?
Welcome to redbullbcone.com, the largest online community for B-Boys and B-Girls in the world! We now offer more ways to participate online, more ways to connect with other dancers and more great B-Boy content.

What is Red Bull BC One?
Twelve-years strong, Red Bull BC One is the most important one-on-one B-Boy battle in the world. You can read all about us here, and learn more about how our battle hierarchy works here.

How do I participate in a Cypher? 
Most of the Cyphers have an open qualifier event where you can participate. Please check our battle section to see if there will be a Red Bull BC One Event near you, or our Facebook Event section to know if the Cypher has an open qualifier and how you can register. You can only participate in one National Cypher per year. Best of Luck! 

What’s different about the site?
This year, there are several new ways to interact with your peers. Once you have created your profile, you can participate and earn badges by following other B-Boys and B-Girls, create and join crews and create/ attend events on the Events Page.

How can I be a part of the community?
It all starts with a simple sign-up. Register on the homepage, or through an existing social media login.

How can I tag my Instagram photos or Tweets?
The official hashtag for Red Bull BC One is #bcone.

How can I explore Red Bull BC One battles?
We’re glad you asked. Check out our interactive timeline where you can search past, current and upcoming battles just by scrolling. Battle pages are tagged with participant profiles, photos, event videos and stories. You can even tag your own event photos and tweets.

Who are the Red Bull BC One All Stars?
Find out all about our legendary crew here.

Who writes for the blog?
Our blog is written by Red Bull BC One All Stars Roxrite and Lilou, as well as a select group of experts from the scene who live and breathe all things breaking. Our writers document their world travels, discuss ongoing issues in the B-Boying world and share exclusive photos and videos.

What are Red Bull BC One Online Badges?
Badges are just one more way to get involved in the community. The more active you are, the more badges you earn. Up your ranks by completing your profile, uploading photos and videos, liking stuff, following other dancers, earning followers, commenting and, of course, participating in and winning battles.

How do I increase my reputation?
B-Boy and B-Girl reputation is a measure of how you stand up in the community. You increase your reputation by participating in battles and by being actively sought out in our community. Reputation tracks how often you’re followed, how often your content is liked, how many comments you’ve received on your profile and how often you appear in photos and videos. Reputation measures your standing both online and offline. 

How can I get Red Bull BC One Merchandise?
The merchandise is unfortunately only for participating B-Boys, B-Girls and/or the Red Bull BC One All Stars. 

How can I contact Red Bull BC One?
Have some feedback for us? More questions? Take a look at our Facebook page, or email us here.