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Motion Disorderz



2013 1st place
Red Bull BC One Cypher Chicago
2012 1st place
Red Bull BC One Cypher USA Midwest
2011 1st place
Red Bull BC One Cypher Minneapolis


When I was about 9 years old I began to recognize the artform of breakdancing right inside my very own kitchen. My brothers used to come home with their friends and move the table and chairs, slap in a cassette tape and start practicing. Although I would be in and out of the kitchen, I would be so amazed on how the movement was. Until one of the days my brothers started saying: "Try this and try that". After that day I was hooked on for an adventure that I thought I would never ever be on.

After training and moving forward for about a year, I was taken to a hangout spot known as the Christian Center. The Christian Center was a community center that kept kids out of trouble by having teen nights that consisted of pool tables, video games, and of course bboying. There was a man named Ramon Candelaria who was a b-boy in the 80's who was a youth worker that became a great inspiration to me.

As the years progressed and so did my skills I began to hang with a few selects from the community center that then became my greatest inspiration and friends. That is when the Motion Disorderz Crew evolved and was born. The name represented all of us as one yet all of us having a different category of skill where we knew we can depend on that specific skill in competitions. We began to start getting recognized by the community and other competitors. Traveling to chicago was a big thing, but when we were offered to perform for the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA, it was a great excitement.

We were voted for best 4th quarter entertainment that year. We started to travel doing NBA, WNBA, Professional Indoor Football, Weddings, Fashion Shows. Even though we were professional dancers we still held our name as b-boys in the world.

I began to create my own skill of taste to my own liking. I started to win one on one's, doing exhibition battles, and being asked to judge other competitors. But it wasn't only just in the country, it was around the world to compete against competitors I thought I would never meet or compete against.

I felt honored to be in a higher cloud and being able to say im stamping my mark as a bboy in this world. But I will never forget where I stand and from where I started where those roots began to grow and prosper. Till this day I represent my name B-Boy Mijo of Motion Disorderz Crew from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Red Bull BC One Qualifier USA 2011

23 Jul, 2011

Red Bull BC One Cypher Minneapolis 2011

21 May, 2011

Red Bull BC One Cypher USA Midwest 2012

12 May, 2012

Red Bull BC One Chicago Cypher 2013

09 Jun, 2013

Red Bull BC One Chicago Cypher 2014

07 Jun, 2014

Red Bull BC One North American Final 2013

17 Aug, 2013


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